Get Xiaomi Piston in-earphones at $4.99[Coupon]

Earphone is one of the basic gadgets everyone wants. A good quality earphone is normal requirement these days. As everyone prefer earphone for most of the things like while talking over phone, listening to music, while watching movies or videos, while playing games etc. So when we think about earphone then one brand comes to our mind that is Xiaomi. Xiaomi Piston earphone is a popular earphone used worldwide. And now you can get this earphone even in better price at gearbest.Xiaomi Piston Earphones

Xiaomi Piston earphone is one of the most used earphones. No doubt this earphone is a quality product available in affordable price. Xiaomi Piston earphone is equipped with third generation damping balance system which will give you clear and balanced sound. This earphone is light weighted and also has smooth edge. And it is also easy to use. Earbud are made of aluminium alloy and it is also non slippery. This is also scratch free. It has also got a microphone which also work as support for playing music or to pause, answering call or to hang up the call. This earphone is compatible with all the xiaomi phones and other android phones or devices.Xiaomi Piston Earphones

General information:

Xiaomi Piston earphone is available in five different colours that is black, blue, pink, purple, silver. It performs functions like answering call, pause or changing songs and microphone.

Xiaomi Piston EarphonesThis earphone is about 1.25 meter long. It gives high sound quality and it has got comfortable design which will be gentle on your ears. While ordering the product you will be getting one earphone and 2 pair of earbud tips. You can enjoy your music or movies anywhere anytime without disturbing anyone else.

So this is a must have earphone as it fulfil all your requirement in your budget. Click the link below to get the best deal at gearbest.


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