Xiaomi Piston Colorful Edition headphones Review

For a little time, they have been on the market Xiaomi established themselves as a world’s 4th largest smartphone maker. Besides smartphones, they also make apps and different kind of consumer electronics products. One thing that separates them from the competition is that they produce high-quality products at the affordable prices.

Xiaomi Pistol Colorful Edition headphones are one of those products.


Package and unboxing

There is nothing that really stands out with the box that contains these headphones. The packaging is plain and simple but made with good materials. Specs are written on the outside of the box, and there are not many flashy looking letters, just the Mi logo. Inside the box is a nylon bag with a stylish folded headphones, a guarantee written in Chinese and two pairs of different–size endings so you can adjust headphones to the size of your ears.


Sound and material quality

Xiaomi Piston colorful edition, as the name suggests, come in several colors to choose from. There are lime green, pink, blue, orange, and white. They are made of excellent quality plastic that feels sturdy in hands and a tangle-free cable that feel quite durable. From the design side, they continue where their predecessor left off but are considerably lighter and added color options make them stand out in a crowd. The audio jack is a standard 3.5mm and is nickel plated for durability and better sound quality.

There are no volume controls on the control pill, only button for answering the calls and playing-pausing the music.


Sound quality is good. There are plenty of basses, and mid tones, and the high tones are very clear. These headphones can give you great sounding experience, depending on the phone you are using. The microphone is of high quality as well. The caller will not have a problem to hear you even in noisy environments.


  • Mic Impedance :16 ohms
  • Headphone Sensitivity ;93dB
  • Frequency response; 20-20000Hz
  • Plug:3.5mm Nickel-plated  audio connector
  • Maximum power :3mW
  • Cord length 1.2m
  • Weight 10g



Xiaomi Piston colorful edition headphones are not the best of the best, but they do not need to be. These headphones are made for a broad market and for the people who want a great looking product with almost premium sound quality at the affordable price.

If you are buying a new headphones and do not intend to spend too much money or you are on a tight budget, consider these headphones as they will give you the best bang for a buck.

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