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A perfect home not only has a beautiful design, but it also depends on many different factors. One of them is the lighting system. Reasonable light sources not only help your home become more sparkling, but it also helps people feel more comfortable. Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED is a lighting system like that. An indoor light, with a modern design and equipped with many exciting features.

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED is a ceiling lamp for insides of the house. It not only plays a lighting role, but it also works as a decorative object and helps your home become more luxurious and sparkling.

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Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED Product details:

Size: 499mm diameter, 54mm thickness.
Weight 1.63 kg.
Material: cold rolled steel, plastic, and PMMA.
Light source: 60 LED bulbs.
Color temperature: 2700k – 5700K.
Optical light: 3000lm (4000K).
Rated voltage: 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz.
Rated current: 0.5A
Rated power: 33W (15 Ke x 4 x 0.45W +4 Ke x 0.012W / LED module)
Wireless connection: WIFI IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4G.

Like most ceiling lamps are on the market, Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED uses a familiar design, with LED lighting strip arranged around to create a circle with a diameter of up to 499mm. With an impressive thickness of only 54mm, it is suitable for many different ceiling designs. The light fixture is made of steel to provide certainty, while the border and luminescent panels are made of plastic and POLYMETHYL-METHACRYLATE (PMMA). It is helping the lamp become sturdy and significantly reduce weight (only 1.63kg).

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling Light uses the light source from 60 LED bulbs, with the advantage of energy saving and high brightness. The lamp has a rated capacity of 33W, and the brightness can be up to 3000lm equivalent to 4000K (according to the manufacturer). With such brightness, the light can illuminate to every corner of the room of 20m² area.\

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED

However, high brightness does not determine the overall quality of a lighting system, but also the color temperature is an equally important factor. A significant influence on the regulation of the human eye, the effectiveness of learning of everyone in the house. Philips Ceiling Light do not use a fixed color temperature like regular ceiling lights. Instead, it uses a temperature and humidity sensor to acquire information about environmental conditions, the body temperature of the family members, thereby calculating and automatically changing the color temperature brightness. How to best fit the actual conditions, help the house space become cool on hot or warmer days on freezing days (color temperature from 2700k to 5700K).

Not only that, it comes with the ability to synchronize and set the smart lighting time. In the evening, independent LED nightlights will activate and keep the brightness at 4lm. Help you easily fall asleep.

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED

Just like the products coming from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED are also synchronized with the system wifi in the family. So you can go through the App on the phone to make adjustments, turn on or turn off the lights manually according to our wishes.

Also, there is an exciting feature on Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED , a feature that is extremely smart and handy. If you own it Mi band 2, you can proceed to connect the two devices, to make Mi band 2 a “key” to automatically turn on and off the lights. When near Mi band, the light will recognize the connection and turn on automatically. In contrast, when you leave the house, the connection is disconnected, and the light will turn off to help you save energy, perfect and useful right.

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED

Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED also comes with remote control, which allows you to increase or decrease the brightness and change the color temperature according to your preference. But this will be one option for you to choose, i.e. you have to spend money to buy more if you want to use this feature.

Where to buy Xiaomi Philips Ceiling LED?

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