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Xiaomi Philips Bluetooth Infrared Sensor Night Light Offered for $16.99(Coupon)

The Mijia Philips night lamp is a very convenient and useful lamp, which is simply necessary for families with small children and older people, who will be much more comfortable moving around the house or apartment at night.

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Price without coupon: $18.99
Coupon Code ($16.99): GBLED931301

Compact dimensions and robust design

Mijia and Philips have quite a lot of experience in the manufacture of lighting fixtures. Therefore, their joint development, Bluetooth-lamp Night Light, is of good quality. The lamp has a round shape and compact dimensions: ? 8.8 x 3.4 cm and weighs only 150 g. Thanks to such a compact size, it can be installed in almost any corner of the room, especially since the design of this device will allow it to fit into a very different interior with ease.

The night lamp is made of ABS plastic, which has a pleasant aesthetic effect and a high level of strength and wear resistance.

Mijia Philips Night Light Bluetooth Night Light White

Pleasant relaxing light

Pleasant illumination, creates a feeling of comfort at home. The light source on the back of the lamp allows you to expand the area of ??the illuminated surface. The light on the front of the product helps you fall asleep faster. The light propagates through special rings, which is done so that the direct light source does not “blind” and does not create a feeling of discomfort when using the device.

Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light White

Easy installation with 3M tape

The Mijia Philips night light comes with a very tenacious 3M tape, so you can attach it to any plane. It is also very convenient that you can adjust the lamp in accordance with your walking route. When you leave the bed at night, your path along the corridor will be illuminated wherever Mijia Philips lights are installed.

Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light White in the hallway

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Suitable for all family members

Philips Mijia is especially suitable for families with children and the elderly. Kids are calmer and more pleasant to fall asleep when there is a night lamp in the room. Older people can not always fall asleep at night and go around the house checking doors, locks to be calmer. Therefore, by installing several fixtures along the “most popular” route for moving your family members at night, you will feel more comfortable and safer.

Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light White in the room

In addition, you can use Philips Mijia lights to illuminate stairs, bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, storage rooms, garages.

Mijia Philips Night Lamp Bluetooth Night Light White coverage range

Advanced sensors and smart controls

Mijia Philips smart night light uses advanced optical and infrared sensors. Being at a distance of up to 5 meters from the lamp, the sensor is triggered and the backlight automatically turns on. The lamp will turn off after 15-30 seconds when no movement is detected.

The night light is synchronized with the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. Using a proprietary application, you can adjust the brightness level of the lamp and the time for turning on / off the nightlight at your discretion.

Night lamp Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light White control from a smartphone

As batteries in the Mijia Philips Night Light uses 3 batteries ZI5 AA.

Price without coupon: $18.99
Coupon Code ($16.99): GBLED931301


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