XIAOMI Original CIGA Design T series now for just $99.99

Xiaomi is a Chinese company which designed daily life use able products. The company provides product to the customer at very reasonable prices. Xiaomi designed Laptops, Smartphones, Smart watches, Electronic bikes, PC etc. Now company launches new XIAOMI original CIGA T series watch. According to new generation xiaomi prepared new technology. The all products of the company are easy to operate and give you various color, you can choose color of product with your choice.

Features & Specification of XIAOMI Original CIGA T series:

This watch comes with TR90 245-degree high temperature integrated molding material which has a high permeability, not to easy scratch, high toughness, high temperature and long term discoloration. The watch has 1.22mm sapphire (watch mirror) dial which shows you clear configuration. The dial is designed square shaped structure. This watch case material built with Stainless steel net band and with stainless steel case. Display type of the watch is Analog. This is Automatic mechanical watch. This watch has only one rotating button which control timing needles of the watch.

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XIAOMI Original CIGA T seriesXIAOMI Original CIGA T series


The design of the XIAOMI Original CIGA T series is designed with 360 degree transparent black technology. This T series watch is very attractable. This watch is designed without a screw, so that you really feel the mechanical beauty in addition. The mechanical structure is also very precise. This watch contained 94 parts in it. The back of the watch designed with transparent design.

XIAOMI Original CIGA T series

The weight of the watch is very light, only 39 grams. This XIAOMI Original CIGA T series watch is very comfortable to wear. You can wear this watch for Business work, Casual, Fashion and hollow out. The contrast between the square case and the round elements of the movements give the watch its distinctive appeal. This watch has red dot which shows proper position of the words. You can also wear this T series watch during activity.


During wear the treatment of the strap is also very careful, in the summer strap gives you relax from sweats, long-term wear will not make you feel a little discomfort. The strap is of silicone which is soft and elastic. XIAOMI Original CIGA T series watch supports 30 meters waterproof and you don’t have to worry about wearing your hands every day. The T series watch focuses on the premium aesthetic and craftsmanship.

XIAOMI Original CIGA T series

You can buy XIAOMI original CIGA T series watch from online websites.


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