Xiaomi Opens The First Flagship Youpin Store

The most intelligent and interactive Xiaomi Store!

Innovation is not only about creating something new but about improving something that already exists. From experience, it is known that Xiaomi innovates each of its products and services, but this time they have taken that to the next level. Xiaomi has many stores in China and India, not counting those that have already opened in Europe, in countries such as Spain, Italy, and France. And recently, on May 25, they opened a new store in Nanjing. But it is not another Mi Store, this time Xiaomi opens its first Youpin store. Do you want to know what makes it different?

As Xiaomi thinks about everything, they choose this city for being the second largest after Shanghai. And what this store has, in particular, is that it completely changes the experience of the buyers. Why? Keep reading and find out all the details below.

Youpin Store Brings You Closer To Xiaomi

It’s big and it’s new. This store offers 300 square meters with which each Mi fan that visits it will be able to test and touch any product of the Asian brand. And not only you can find exclusive products from Xiaomi, but also from companies with which they have worked.

It is the first technological store of the company that shows us the products announced by crowdfunding. Within it, you can find more than 2,000 products from different areas of development of Xiaomi, such as products for home, technology, home automation, transportation and many others. In addition to huge rooms divided into sections.

However, the best that this Youpin store has to offer are two things. The first is the installation of machines for soft drinks, tea and other beverages that are prepared instantly by the machine, which can be controlled from a smartphone or a tablet. The second implementation is one of the most impressive since mirrors have a virtual reality system that allows you to try on the clothes you like without having to use a dressing room. That’s amazing!

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Xiaomi is launching Youpin Store as a prototype. Consumer interaction will be taken into account as well as the behavior that these will have with the store over time. So if the answer is positive, we will surely have more stores like this in the future. Although for the experience of Xiaomi, it is very sure that the fans of the brand, which are increasingly more, will love it.

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