Xiaomi Opens New Large Store in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

As always, the interest of a big brand like Xiaomi has focused on taking their products closer and closer to their buyers and we can see this in their numerous and recent expansion plans. That’s right, and now we know that Xiaomi, in order to sell its electronic devices in a better way in one of the countries where its products are most commercialized, has decided to invest its money in a new store in Vietnam, located in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Xiaomi Opens New Large Store in Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam!

On April 7, the doors were opened for the first time in its new store. A very spacious place that has 300 m2, located in the commercial district of Parkson Cantavil.

This store has been inaugurated with a great presentation attended by several clients and journalists. This place is the first to be developed in cooperation with the MIHOUSE company of Vietnam.

Thanks to this alliance, we can see a wide variety of products since the store opened with 180 of the Xiaomi catalog. We can find several electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, Power Banks, headphones, accessories, among others. Everything that can be obtained in the store is imported with access to a guarantee and customer service.

In this way, we can appreciate how every time Xiaomi is consolidated as one of the great brands in the field of technology, expanding in several countries both in Europe and Asia. Although already in Vietnam has a very good number of sales because there is already a store that opened earlier this year and obtained a good amount of profits, so they decided to continue investing in this country.

Inaugurating a new store is a benefit for users, because we can now access the brand’s products with the guarantee and service they offer. In addition to that, we can try and observe the design the product a little before buying it to make sure it is to our liking. No doubt this is a great decision of Xiaomi that will generate many new customers.

To see more photos and know how to get to the store, visit this link: Mi Vietnam Facebook. And don’t forget, when Xiaomi opens new stores in a country, an official website is available in the language used there.


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