Xiaomi could open many more Mi stores in 2018

In the Spring Festival, a large number of admirers went to the Xiaomi stores in several cities to do their shopping, and most of the time the buyers have to wait outside until they have to enter. Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, recently shared a story on his Weibo page about seeing a friend who went to the Mi Home Store in Shenzhen to buy headphones, but had to make a long line to enter.

Xiaomi Mi stores in 2018 - Lei Jun weibo post

The Chinese technology czar apologized to the fans and acknowledged that the Mi Stores tend to be busy during the spring festivals due to the increase in purchases. In addition to apologizing, Lei Jun hinted that his firm will continue to open more Mi stores in 2018. Interestingly, the My store in question was opened last year in Shenzhen, and is the largest store My Xiaomi has in China.

When Lei Jun has hinted that Xiaomi will have more physical stores, later we have managed to see his word fulfilled. Last year he commented that the company planned to open 200 new Mi stores in different parts of China and finally managed to complete this goal, with the important result of the boost in its sales nationwide. A milestone that led Xiaomi to enter the world’s top 5 smartphone manufacturers in 2017.

Xiaomi Mi stores in 2018 - Shenzen

Despite the number of Mi stores throughout China, there are still many people waiting outside these stores, especially during the festivities.

Xiaomi continues to expand throughout the world

This statement is not a surprise, since the technology giant also revealed last year that it plans to open 2000 Mi Stores in three years. Half of the Mi stores were planned to be located abroad, and that mission is ongoing. Adding to that, Xiaomi continues its expansion in India with more associated stores, and will open its first fully owned Mi Stores in that country. Xiaomi also recently opened its first Mi Stores in the Philippines.

In addition to expanding its presence in the Asian continent, it is more than clear that Xiaomi seeks to open more stores abroad, since we can get Mi Stores in countries such as Russia, Spain, and Italy. So, this is definitely good news.



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