The Xiaomi online store is ranked among the first 3 in India

The reports of sales and shipments always show revealing data, especially when we talk about the world of technology. This time, on the part of Counterpoint Research, statistics arrive about the shipments of Smartphones. The first thing is to highlight that the Smartphones market experienced a growth of 23% in 2017. And the second significant statistic is that, of the total number of shipments of Smartphones around the world, a third of these were online, representing the most in the graph. As always, Xiaomi cannot be left out of the podium when we talk about statistics, and that is again highlighted in the market.

The achievement of Xiaomi with its platform

Xiaomi‘s online shopping platform has managed to position itself in third place in India. The graphic includes everything related to Smartphones, but the popularity of the store is not only based on these devices. The wide variety of accessories and products for the home have served as a boost for the online service to be among the best.

Xiaomi Mi Store

The report also indicates that in 2018 it is very likely that this market share will not grow since Xiaomi plans to divide its sales with a hybrid strategy that mixes online sales and physical stores.

The growth of online sales

The multiple promotions carried out by the different online stores, such as the “Big Billion Days” by Flipkart and the “Great Indian Sale” of Amazon, as well as the various Chinese handsets, have served as a start for an increasing demand in the mobile market in 2017.

Xiaomi's online market share

The online store of India, Flipkart, has managed to take the most significant slice of the cake with a fantastic control of 51% of the market share. Amazon India has not been that far behind, reaching a third of the total quota (33%). Between both stores, they managed to keep 84% of the Smartphones market, an achievement that is attributed to the almost 100 exclusive Smartphones that they made available to consumers.



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