Buy The Xiaomi Onemoon OD1 Table Type 360 Degree Whale Cleaning Dishwasher For $386.61

Have you always wanted a dishwasher but when settling down, you have to not to add it to save a few hundred $$$? Well, maybe Xiaomi has a solution for you, or at least you could have it with the Onemoon OD1 table-top dishwashing machine. The Xiaomi Onemoon OD1 Dishwasher is a compact dishwasher which can fit into any kitchen just fine. It was launched late last year and the product have been on high demand ever since its launch.

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The Onemoon OD1 is a smart dishwasher, refined design with even a front window to admire it while it is working. Like most dishwashers, the Onemoon is able to perform a 360 degree cleaning thanks to the jets that are emitted from different angles, these can reach a maximum temperature of 70 degrees to eliminate even the most stubborn grease stains. In addition, the high temperature can sterilize from the most common bacteria up to 99.99%, so you reach a level of clean that will satisfy even the most germophobes.

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There is a ventilation system that can dry the various dishes, cutlery and cups without effort. This system works for 72 hours in a row, intermittently, to avoid the creation of bacteria, bad smells or stagnant water inside the dishwasher; the Onemoon OD1 will always be clean, dry and well smelling. The small size is another strong point of this dishwasher, in fact occupies a thickness of only 30cm, so it is recommended especially to those who have a smaller kitchen.

As for the “smart” side, it is limited to the use of a button, the one for turning it on or off. Once activated, however, the Onemoon OD1 is able to understand the amount of dirt on the dishes thanks to a high precision sensor, then optimizing the type of washing and setting the duration, as well as the temperature and water consumption. In practice you will no longer have to worry about configuring it, the Onemoon will think for you, saving you time and probably even money.

Main Features

  • 360 whale spray cleaning using imported pumps, double-deck cyclone spray paint
  • One key to start, the minimum 35 minutes to complete the cleaning
  • High temperature 70 Deg.C sterilization, up to 99.99 percent, easily decompose oil
  • Small size, suitable for 2 – 3 small family use
  • Equipped with PTC hot air flood system for fresh air ventilation,72 hours without odor
  • Dishwasher thins to 30cm, easy to handle control mode
  • Easy installation, do dishes without bending and save water and electricity, noise less than 56db
  • Triple filter system can be dismantled to prevent clogging and secondary pollution
  • Load capacity: 4 sets, rated power: 1000W, standard consumption: 5L, length of inlet pipe: 1.8m, length of drain pipe: 1.2m, length of power cord: 1.2m
  • Material: stainless steel

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Onemoon OD1 Table Type 360 Degree Whale Cleaning Dishwasher

The Xiaomi Onemoon OD1 Table Type 360 Degree Whale Cleaning Dishwasher is currently available on Gearbest for $412.61



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