Xiaomi Official Share Mix 2S Camera Features – Fast and Perfect

Xiaomi Mix 2S Camera supports "clapping fast" and "being one shot"

On 27 March Xiaomi is going to be launch Flagship Mix 2S, But Today Xiaomi shares Mix 2S Camera Features. It supports “clapping fast” and “one-shot” type features.

Mix 2S Camera Features

After Xiaomi confirm that Mix 2S come with Snapdragon 845, AI dual cameras, wireless charging, and benchmark score of 270,000, Ceramic body.

Today, Xiaomi official  share a post in which they show Mix 2S camera features support “clapping fast” and “one-shot”

Mix 2S Camera Features

Mix 2S Camera Features Mix 2S Camera Features

Xiaomi posts a picture that shows “clapping hand” and “one-shot” that means Mix 2S camera takes pictures quickly. Some of the users said in the comments it uses multi-frame synthesis. This technology previously used in Galaxy S9 and some other smartphones.

Mix 2S Camera Features

Basically, this technology can take good pictures quality,  especially under dim light conditions. And also synthesize a photo using three photos, and achieved better picture quality performance.

From this point, we have to say that Xiaomi will be doing all hard work in making Mix 2S a true flagship killer device with beautiful design. It’s mainly focused on optimizing the camera and give good photography experience to users.

Main Highlights Of Xiaomi Mix 2S

  • Snapdragon 845.
  • AI Camera features.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • Good battery life.
  • fingerprint recognition.
  • Ceramic body design.

We have to wait for few days when Xiaomi launch it’s Flagship Mix 2S. Are you guys excited for Mix 2S, Tell us in the comments below?

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