Xiaomi OD1 Table Type Cleaning Dishwasher now for just $412.61

After occupying a huge market in the technology segment, now Xiaomi has also moved to introduce electric Dishwasher at budgeted prices. The OD1 Table Type Dishwasher is beautifully designed to help you in your utensils washing efforts. It is produced with multiple technical features to give you the best washing results. It is embedded with imported pumps and double deck cyclone spray paint which can generate the water flow up to 1.7 meters.

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Xiaomi OD1 Table Dishwasher

Furthermore, the OD1 cleaning dishwasher is as compact as 30 cm and very convenient to handle its control system. Its triple filter system helps to avoid clogging and secondary pollution. Overall, the OD1 Table Type Dishwasher is quite beneficial for small families of 2 to 3 members.

Features of OD1 Table Type Dishwasher:

Design and Color

Xiaomi has deigned OD1 Table Type Dishwasher very accurately with Milk-White color and stainless steel surface. The curvy and smooth outer face is so stylish to your modern-time kitchen. Further, the compact size with dimensions (L x W x H): 43.50 x 30.00 x 46.00 cm makes it comfortable to place in any corner of the kitchen.

Double-Layer Cyclone Spray System

The OD1 Table Type Dishwasher maintains imported water pump and double-layer cyclone spray system which can produce water flow up to 1.7 meters. Similarly, the 360-degree Whale spray cleaning scouring will help to remove striping oil and hard objects. The curved knife spray wall is carefully designed with a double full moon. It can make 40 times cyclone spray per minute.

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High-Temperature Endurance

The OD1 Table Type Dishwasher is fully capable to handle and produce 99.99% high temperature up to 70-degree Celsius sterilization. It will help to clean and easy decompose of the oil stains, rapidly inflates oil residuals and fluffy. Further, with high temperature, the common bacteria like Escherichia coli will be easily removed by 99.99%.

Effective Hot Air Drying System

Because the OD1 Table Type Dishwasher is incorporating a PTC hot air drying system, it continuously avoids high-temperature breeding, bacteria breeding, and water column condensation problems. The fans will operate to keep internal and external air circulation smooth and odorless.

Xiaomi OD1 Table Dishwasher

One-key Start and Wash System

The OD1 Table Type Dishwasher has a high-precision turbidity sensor which works smartly to determine the dirty degree of the dishes. Further, it set the washing time, temperature and water consumption automatically and finishes the work in just 35 minutes.


The OD1 Table Type Dishwasher is available for $412.61 on Gearbest. Click to buy now:



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