Xiaomi Oclean SE Electrical Toothbrush Offered for $44.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi has launched tons of smart gadgets via its sub-brands and manufacturers it cooperates with. Most of them support Xiaomi’s APP. This simply means all those products are the parts of a huge system. And no matter what category they belong to. Say, recently the company launched the Xiaomi Oclean SE electrical toothbrush with myriads of useful features. This toothbrush has got discounted of $44.99. 

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Actually, we are dealing with a super-modern product supporting up to 40K vibrations per minute. However, this is the maximum vibrations number, and if it makes some discomfort for you, you can adjust another speed of 276K. The Xiaomi Oclean SE also supports strong torque output as well as 5.5mm swing range.

Xiaomi Oclean SE

We already said the first 300 units will be shipped with a free replacement brush head. Those who are not aware, the head is the most important feature of any toothbrush. As for the Xiaomi Oclean SE, it uses a US FDA certified medical grade POM material with a 0.4cm brush handle thickness. This toothbrush also comes with a new Dupont Tynex 2017 wire brush. It has been designed for electric toothbrushes especially. Its round rate is 1.4 times higher than the standard.

Xiaomi Oclean SE

All these features sound quite attractive, but the selling point of the Xiaomi Oclean SE electrical toothbrush is the number of improvements it comes with. Say, it adjusts the best cleaning options depending on the user’s gender, age, and teeth. This product also suggests various modes such as ‘daily gingiva massage program’, ‘special dental care program’, ‘special care program during pregnancy’, etc. all adjustments and the rest of operations are implemented via the key on the body. It is IPX7 certified with high-grade waterproof features. Apart from this, it uses a Japan Cashew coating + nano-coating with an excellent anti-corrosion sustainability.

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