Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan, new educational and emotional robot

A funny personal assistant, tutor and game's friend that everyone will want.

Xiaomi does not miss any technological sector, not even products for children. From toys, drones, scooters, computers to robots. However, in the market, there are already different proposals for robots but none has reached an appropriate level of functionality. That’s why Xiaomi reinvents itself with NUWA robotics brand and brings us XiaoDan, the new educational and emotional robot.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan, new educational and emotional robot

An emotional robot?

Although robots are not able to feel and create natural emotions, expressivity can fill them with life. We usually consider as expressions those actions and gestures that arise naturally in humans, and XiaoDan tries to imitate them. This small robot is capable of reproducing varied expressions and vivid gestures as if it had its own personality.

Unlike the other rigid robots on the market, XiaoDan offers a high level of application, psychology, function, and expressiveness. Its vitality lies in intelligence thanks to the fact that it has a complete repertoire of AI functions. Thus, it is capable of transmitting its own presence and emotions.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan, new educational and emotional robot

In addition, XiaoDan carries a variety of detection elements that can recognize faces, objects, gestures, sound sources, etc. At the same time, it has the ability to analyze semantics and understand the conversational content. This robot creates a dynamic three-dimensional emotion model that simulates the responses and changing emotional behaviors of human beings. In this way, it allows users to interact with XiaoDan in a more natural and interesting way.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Design and Technology

But since it takes a little more to awaken the curiosity of the children, XiaoDan has been created to be the ideal playful friend. A total of 12 AI servomotors with MCU microcontrollers built-in throughout the body make XiaoDan’s body language more fluid. They admit a movement of rotation of 360° and achieve movements of multiple angles with an accuracy of 0.1 °.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Design and Technology

This articulated robot has a weight of 4 kgr and can move thanks to its wheels arranged in the lower part of its body. Inside we find a 5.200mAh battery that is recharged by a charger included.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Design and Technology

On the front, XiaoDan uses a 7 “screen as a face and has multidirectional microphones to listen and interpret conversations through its AI. Even several meters away. In addition, at the top has a camera that allows you to record 720p videos and make video calls via WiFi. Finally, we can insert MicroSD cards, audiophones in the 3.5mm Jack port and make connections via Bluetooth.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Functions and integration with the Mi Ecosystem

XiaoDan is designed with its own intelligent dialogue system, but with a smartphone we can program it to pronounce new phrases and gestures. In this way, children can chat with this assistant at any time on different topics.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Functions and integration with the Mi Ecosystem

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan is also an encyclopedia of knowledge. With this robot, children will have at their disposal their own teacher at home. They can learn from more than 1,000 videos of English classes, stories, interactive games, poetry, and conversations.

Also, its integrated camera allows the recognition of objects and faces that help XiaoDan robot to improve and grow. In addition, you can record video in your absence and monitor the children.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Functions and integration with the Mi Ecosystem

And as one of the goals of Xiaomi is to achieve the integration of the entire Mi Ecosystem, XiaoDan allows deep synchronization. So this robot is able to control the Mi family of smart devices with the Mijia application.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Games and Learning

XiaoDan can help them study for different subjects such as mathematics or astronomy. Through songs, dances, interactive stories, interactive puzzle games, it transmits language learning while having fun. The built-in English program allows children to practice personal conversations in English with XiaoDan.

But XiaoDan is also fun for one and for the family. The robot brings together family members and children to carry out games and knowledge tests. This allows the use of regular games to develop concepts and cooperative logic to promote parent-child relationships. In this way, improves cognitive ability and knowledge of children while enjoying the company.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Games and Learning

In addition, programming for children is also an important feature of XiaoDan. Thanks to its variety of features and functions, it would be very useful. Children can compile dialogs and actions that work with the faces and objects in the database. Thus, they can register orders such as praising their mother for her beauty or scolding the father for not washing the dishes.

The programming is so simple that users take very little time to compile their own content. To program XiaoDan they only need to complete a few lines of writing.


This robot is in financing through the crowdfunding platform for a price of ¥ 1999. Unfortunately, we still do not know if this robot will reach the international market. However, it’s still a very interesting innovation that was worth showing to our readers. Soon it will be on sale in China in a few weeks with a projected value of ¥ 2299. Stay tuned to receive news and future updates of this product.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan: Price and where to buy

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