Xiaomi Notebook Update: Incorporates a Haswell processor

Xiaomi seems to get closer and closer in order to stand toe to toe with the world’s top brands like Apple and Samsung.  According to statistics, last year, Xiaomi mobile phone shipments reached to 70 millions. This seems to be the actual reason for Intel’s cooperating with Xiaomi. After the release of Xiaomi Tablet 2, equipped with an Intel processor Atom X5-Z8500, the two companies have tied a strong bond between them. This indicates that the new Xiaomi Notebook will be embedded with an Intel processor.

Xiaomi Notebook

Yesterday, Taiwan media said, that Xiaomi Intel Notebook was able to secure a large amount of customers, by offering a deal. It was a buy one get one discount program implementation. It mentioned purchasing a laptop processor, and getting the Tablet PC processor free of charges.

Xiaomi Notebook

The given chain also revealed Xiaomi upcoming Notebook will be powered by an Intel Haswell Processor (4th Gen). Well, that is somewhat old. The reason to do this to control the cost, the expenses for this laptop. Thus, a cost effective Notebook is a prerequisite for Xiaomi instead of a high-end Notebook.

Our anticipation has increased a little bit as we know that the notebook will come in three different sizes, 12.5 inches, 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches. So far, we know that the 15.6″ Xiaomi Notebook will materialized:

  • A fourth-generation Core i7 processor (Haswell).
  • Built-in Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M graphics card.
  • 8 GB of Ram.
  • Full-HD display

It is expected to release during the first half year of 2016. The price of the terminal would be 2,999 yuan ($460).

Xiaomi Notebook

Now we’ll have to wait till the release of Xiaomi Notebook . Hope that it will bring an impact in the market, as Xiaomi’s phones and wearables did the previous year. We will bring you more alerts on this Notebook. For that, stay tuned….




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