Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G Released – Everything You Need To Know!

The wait is finally over, as Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G hit the market with the upgraded hardware of the two variants: 12.5-inch and 13.3-inch. So the question is:

Is the new Xiaomi Notebook more than the word ‘4G’ added to its name?

Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G – Virtual SIM Ready!

If you think that the new Xiaomi Notebook will have a smartphone similar SIM slot supporting 4G network, then you are wrong. Instead of using the standard SIM, the laptop makes use of a Virtual SIM card (no physical SIM). In other words, it’s a built-in 4G network; air activated out of the box.

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The virtual SIM card is based on China Mobile 4G settings, coverage and smartphone network with the same download bandwidth of 150Mbps, measured peak up to 80Mbps and 4GPAP Pro. A built-in 4GB, a total of 48GB charges 1560 yuan monthly.

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The use of the Virtual SIM is also simple:

  1. Open the application
  2. Scan code login
  3. Smartphone real-name authentication. Done!

Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G – The Changes

Apart from the 4G network added to both versions of Xiaomi Notebook Air, there are some hardware changes in the 13.3-inch variant.

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The 13-inch model has been upgraded to Intel 6th Generation ‘SkyLake’ Core i7 mobile processor, dual-core and four threads clocked at up to 3.0GHz, performance increased by 10% from the previous one.

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Sadly, no hardware change can be seen in the 12.5-inch model. Only the battery life has been increased from 9 hours to 11.5 hours.

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Price & Availability

The new Xiaomi Notebook will be available to purchased from Xiaomi Official Website soon:

  • 12.5-inch version for 4699 yuan ($676)
  • 13.3-inch version for 6999 yuan ($1007)

Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G released -price 1 Xiaomi Notebook Air 4G released -price

With the introduction of 4G network, the laptops are 1,200 yuan more expensive than the non-4G ones. We guess that the international versions will not release as the notebook features a Chinese 4G network virtual SIM card.

We would like to know your suggestions on the new Xiaomi notebook. Comment!




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