Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones 3.5mm Jack Review

We should accept the way we work and spend time have changed a lot. Now we work everywhere and spend time differently. There are no special places for work and pastime. But to provide a corresponding atmosphere we usually use headphones. Apart from this, when we want to listen to music of the highest quality we use headphones only. This is the only way to enjoy music. That’s why manufacturers try to enhance the current technologies to come in with better headphones. Recently, on December 11 Xiaomi announced such a product named the Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones. It came with a 3.5mm audio jack unlike its sibling launch earlier this year. The latter came with a USB Type-C connector. However, their price is identical, 299 yuan ($45) only. This is a great product coming our way from one of the best tech companies. So it deserves a detailed review.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones Design

First, as for the packaging, it comes in a standard box seen at other headphones. But this appearance also proves we are dealing with a high-quality product. It showcases the earbuds’ look and the remote control module. In the left lower corner we can see a sticker label with a printing of Hi-Res. This is the sound quality guarantee any high-end headphones should come with.

Once the box is open, we can see the 3.5mm audio connector and a familiar design inherited from the previous model. It uses an ergonomic design. So the headphones fit the ear canal easily. Actually, the company has done a great job in terms of providing comfortable wearing.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

Like its predecessor, the 3.5mm headphones come with three pairs of earbuds of different sizes.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

On the back of the packaging, we can find more detailed specs of these headphones. They include the wright of 28g, speaker impedance of 32?, rated power of 5mW, frequency response range of 20-40000Hz and line length of 1.35m.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

The Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones come with a dual dynamic coil and dynamic iron acoustic structure. This architecture apparently results in original noise reduction. Such an effective combination provides a rich and delicate sound quality with a balanced high-frequency tri-band performance. Along with Xiaomi’s patented music separation acoustic system the Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones an immersive experience.

However, in comparison to the USB Type-C variant, the appearance has changed a little. The cavity of the earphone looks relatively large. But the earplugs are closer to the ear canal when used. As for the remote control module, it still uses a three-key design. Those rounded buttons are (from top to bottom): volume up, multi-functional key, and volume down.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

On the right side, we have a noise reduction adjustment button. So users are able to choose the noise reduction strength depending on the external noise. There is also a lithium battery box, which allows us to use it as noise-canceling earplugs.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

The Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones sport a metal body in a solid black color. It also features an elastic back clip for the added convenience while traveling. Its 90-degree ear-plug design provides the long-term usage of the headset.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

The noise reduction box and the metal clip are molded from full aluminum alloy. But as for its wire, it is coated with TPE skin material which can effectively reduce braiding of the cord.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones Performance

First, there are two levels of noise reduction to adjust. So when the external noise is relatively weak you can choose the first position. And once the external noise gets stronger, you can adjust the key appropriately.

Xiaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones

This feature allows us to control the noise reduction manually and get a better effect. Say, if you are in the office, you can choose the first adjustable variant to provide a higher quality music listening. Plus, you will hear your co-workers when they call you. But if you are on the subway, the noise reduction intensity should be switched to the strongest mode. As a result, all the external voices will muffle, and you will enjoy a pure-quality music.

While trying to reduce the external noise, the headphones should also provide high-quality sound. Thanks to the dual dynamic coil and dynamic iron acoustic structure we get a high-quality sound experience. The bass is solid and stable. The treble also maintained a translucent performance.

The Bottom Line

In comparison to the previous-gen XIaomi Noise Cancelation Headphones with USB Type-C connector, this one that comes with a 3.5mm audio jack has got a few improvements. They concern the earbud design, the noise cancelation function, the sound quality, and the connector. The latter provides more comfortable use because not all smartphones and audio players come with a USB Type-C. So we can state this product should have a high demand, and as many manufacturers like to say the headphones should be updated with the smartphones.

Use the coupon (code: XIAMI3.5GB) to get it for a dicsounted price of $58.99.

The Type-C version is available at $45.99 after using the coupon (code: GBAPR029).


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