Xiaomi Ninebot One C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle Offered For Just $299.33

The Ninebot One C + classic single wheel unicycle design is original and advanced. It comes with a  450W powerful motor and 4.1Ah battery which provides you with the strong motivation for 18 – 22km mileage. it has a tough body with a 100kg payload. Maximum speed up to 20km/h for your perfect journey. It also sports a warning system ensures your safety when in play. Go outdoors with this perfect balance scooter.

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The Xiaomi Ninebot One C is built from the best material you can think of. That’s actually what xiaomi is known for. It is fabricated from Magnesium alloy frame and PC shell which can carry a max 100kg payload. This Magnesium alloy and polyurethane handle is hidden inside the body. The screw and seams cannot be sen from the apperance, making it looks beautiful and generous. The Xiaomi Ninebot One C has a 16-inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds, so you don’t have to be scared in that aspect. It also sports a wide pedals system. The Magnesium alloy one piece wide pedals not only make the rider’s feet comfortable but also have an anti-slip and aesthetic characteristic. Its modular design concept makes it very easy to disassemble and replace any part of the body, making you upgrade it by yourself and build your own special unicycle.

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The Xiaomi Ninebot One C is embedded with a powerful brushless motor with an advanced sine wave inverter technology, having a safe speed of up to 20km/h. The device sports ambient lights that woukld give you a very nice driving experience. It has up to 65535 colors and can be set through the APP. It is only the eye-catching charge indicator but also can display the smart security alert statues.

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It comes with triple safety warning system. It independently monitors its condition and driving statues. When you are driving too fast or in an abnormal situation, you will be prompted to decelerate by lighting, reclining or shaking.  This device has passed-through billions of test improvement. It has high-speeded CPU and precision gyroscopes which provides highly sensitive somatosensory feedback, and ergonomic intimate design enables real human-vehicles integration.

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Lastly, It sports an innovative DNA double helix li-ion battery technology. This battery packs continuous optimizing the charge and discharge technology of the battery pack and achieve outstanding lifetime.   The charging connector adopts aviation-grade four-hole LEMO waterproof plug, 2.5 hours for full charging, which is safer and more convenient. You can connect the device to your smartphone, to enable you guiding you update the instructions. You can connect to your phone through an APP with Bluetooth 4.0

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Ninebot One C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle

The Xiaomi Ninebot One C + Classic Electric Single Wheel Balance Unicycle is currently available on Gearbest for $299.99 . This is the best price you can get this product, so do well to grab it while it last. 



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