Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart Review

Many people like to turn the products launched by Xiaomi or the ecological chain into “the first XX of young people.” In fact, this is derived from the official copy of Xiaomi. But even if those products are the first in some sense and in certain aspects, most likely they are not the first in the world. The same can be said about the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart launched quite recently. This is not the first karting of young people! But it is one of the best products launched by this manufacturer. And Xiaomi has its own investment in it.

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Actually, the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart has been designed not only for kids but for adults as well. So it’s not surprising why our friends from GeekPark tested it, and it’s been done by an adult. So this new big toy for children and adults is a perfect gift. But it’s better to take a look at it yourself.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

Three Things You Should Know Before Buying

If you can accept all of its deficiencies and have a large enough venue to go, then the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart will become a very qualified big toy. It can be said that the Ninebot of the Xiaomi ecological chain has introduced this No. 9 balance car kart conversion kit for most people. Before we start getting deeper into details, it is necessary to give you the points you need to know before buying:

First of all, if you want to form a complete kart, you need a Ninebot Mini or Ninebot mini Pro (the latest Ninebot Plus Balancing Scooter is not compatible) and a Kart conversion kit.

Second, its adaptation is between 130cm and 190cm, and the weight is no more than 100kg.

Third, its fastest speed is 24km/h. After all, it is ‘modified’ from a balance car.

The Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart itself does not need to be assembled.

As we mentioned earlier, before buying a karting kit, be sure to match the model of your balance car. If you are ready to buy it together, you must choose the correct model. The box of the No. 9 balance car karting kit is relatively large and the weight is not light. It requires about two adults to move. The car body is fixed on the bottom of the wooden board by four magic belts. So it is recommended not to put the box.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

Once the box is opened, we can see the installation instructions and the accessories at the fixed bracket, below to the complete karting kit. So you need to remove the two front wheels and the last bracket at the four belts to take them out.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

The manufacturer also provided a video for the entire installation process. Though it looks complicated, it is not difficult to follow the guide step by step. However, it’s recommended to do it with someone else for a faster installation.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

Of course, we have to remind you once again the belt of the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart, the steering wheel and the fixing measures of the kart length adjustment must be done well. Also, be attentive to update the firmware of the balance car in advance, when you see the karting mode option in the settings. Only when you are sure the firmware has been updated successfully, you can start driving it. This is critical to user safety.

The Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart uses a cable and power extension cable.

After connecting the power extension cable of the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart to the card kit, you can search for the device starting with ‘GoKart’ in the ‘Segway-Ninebot’ app. It is possible that the firmware of the card kit will also be updated.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

After connecting to the app, the user will also prompt for novice teaching, otherwise, the speed will be limited to 8km/h. The content of the novice teaching is very simple. You should learn the basic operations, such as the right foot is the ‘throttle’, the left foot is the brake (when the brakes are pressed twice, it will enter the reverse mode and the ‘throttle’ kart will ride back. At the same time, the balance car will make a ‘drop’ sound.

There are three speed mode options

After completing the novice teaching, we can choose the driving mode in the app. At present, there are three modes, including the novice, normal, and sports. The novice mode has a speed limit of 8km/h, the normal mode has a maximum speed of 18km/h, and the maximum speed of the sports mode is 24km/h. As you understand, the battery life is inversely proportional.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

We have to remind everyone, be sure to wear protective gear before starting to drive a kart, such as helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc. The seat belt must be also fastened, and most importantly, you must drive in a securely closed road. Don’t drive the kart on the road!!!

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

The Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart Actual Experience

After completing the above preparations and confirming the safety measures and precautions, we can start a driving journey. After the sports mode is turned on, the speed of 24km/h does not seem very fast. It is because of the motor. Therefore, the back feel can be clearly felt at the start, and because the kart itself has a low angle of view, the visual speed will feel faster.

In terms of handling, the steering ratio of the karting kit is 2.1:1. Compared with the 1:1 of the conventional kart and the ratio of the car to the dozens, the feedback of the steering is quite acceptable. Although it’s far from the real car’s experience. So it’s reasonable you will need some time to adapt.

Many friends definitely want to ask if the Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart can drift. Honestly, we can say ‘yes’, but the drift is not very good.

First of all, this kart is really a “rear driven” after assembly. But its two braking methods—electronic brakes and mechanical brakes are all controlled by the driving force of the rear wheels. So there is no way to provide drift power.

In addition, its rear track is significantly smaller than the front track. This also has an impact on the drift operation. Therefore, most of the operations will eventually be converted into ‘iris.’ It is also very easy to roll over because of the influence of the rear track and the center of gravity. It is not recommended to try it ever.


The Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart is definitely the kind of product that will attract many ‘big’ and ‘little’ costumes. We haven’t seen people that don’t like driving on karts. And it has nothing in common with the car driving. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to play with our kids and spend time with them.

Xiaomi Ninebot No.9 Balance Car Kart

However, we have to state it is a big toy, not a real kart. If its performance, venue constraints, and other features have not extinguished the fire in your heart, then you should buy it or you will regret. At the same time, it is priced at 4,998 yuan, which is quite acceptable for a balance car. So it’s affordable for many customers. At least, it can bring joy to the whole family.


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