Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Offered For $499.99

There’s a new form of transportation. Step on a Segway miniPRO and feel the speed and magic of the latest technology. This amazing device automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Want to go forward? Lean forward. The high-performance, cutting-edge control technology works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The miniPRO can cope easily with all normal road conditions. Go wherever, whenever. Explore the wonder of the Segway miniPRO and look for new adventures.

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Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter from Xiaomi mijia- Black

Ninebot’s incredible line of personal transportation vehicles makes getting around easier than ever. Experience the future of personal mobility today. The miniPRO is a genuine Ninebot scooter that comes with the top-tier technology and premier production that the Ninebot brand is known for. Many electric two-wheel scooters with hoverboard technology will try to claim the Ninebot name, but few can match the high standards of the Ninebot brand.

Ninebot miniPRO

Self Balancing Personal Transporter

The miniPRO is not a hoverboard—it’s the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Powered by Ninebot technology, the miniPRO is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life. The miniPRO is built to easily traverse a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains.

Lightweight & Portable

It’s easy to carry and ready to store in a car trunk. The knee control bar can be quickly detached to make the scooter fit in small spaces in a pinch.

Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter from Xiaomi mijia- Black

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Learn to Ride in Minutes

You don’t need hours of practice to ride like a pro. Precision sensors and our innovative knee control bar allow you to maneuver better than ever.

Adapt to Road Obstacles

The 800-watt dual motor is engineered to overcome humps, slopes, and other everyday obstacles without sacrificing safety and stability.

Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter from Xiaomi mijia- Black

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Reliable Safety Day & Night

Automatic headlights, customizable LED taillights, and a strict safety test ensure that you remain safe while riding, day or night, rain or shine.

Custom Fit & Max Comfort

The padded knee control bar and adjustable height feature allows riders of all shapes and sizes to maneuver the electric scooter comfortably.

Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter from Xiaomi mijia- Black

High-Speed Transportation

The miniPRO reaches top speeds of 10 miles per hour and travels distances up to 14 miles on a single charge! Create new ways to shop, commute, and get around – at 3 times the speed of walking.

Phone App Control & Anti-theft

Lock your miniPRO, adjust light colors, modify safety features, upgrade firmware, run vehicle diagnostics, and even remotely command your miniPRO to move.

Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter from Xiaomi mijia- Black

Main Features:

  • Powerful 2 x 400W motors, max18km/h speed, gradeability up to 15 degree, uneven land can not stop your journey
  • 5.8Ah Li-ion battery, 310Wh ( included in product ), max 30km mileage, no need to worry about powerless situation on the way to a destination
  • 10.5-inch inflatable rubber tire, with anti-slip texture, high road-holding ability even on the slippery ground
  • Lightweight but tough aluminum-magnesium alloy body, 100kg payload
  • IP54 waterproof, safety lighting system, intelligent BMS protection
  • Intelligent algorithm for different riders
  • Remote control by mobile phone with App installed ( scanning QR code in user manual )

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter

The Xiaomi Ninebot miniPRO 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter is currently available on Gearbest for $499.99 and currently, this scooter can be shipped free to some country, don’t miss this great offer.



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