The Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 is presented, a new hoverboard that turns into a robot

We all know that the great Xiaomi does not get tired of introducing new smart products, and the Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 is the latest. Apparently, this is the combination of a self-balanced hoverboard and a personal robot that can move autonomously, depending on the needs of the user. In case you wonder how it works, the same device gives the instructions through pre-recorded voice messages (in Chinese, of course).

The Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 is presented, a new hoverboard that turns into a robot

This is the new smart product that Xiaomi presents

In the Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9, there is an Intel Atom processor and is assisted by a system of five cameras and five microphones, which allow obtaining a 3D representation of the environment around you. Thanks to investments in research and development of its software, Ninebot can, through the use of algorithms and a multitude of sensors, have its own intelligence and be able to perform complex actions without the help of humans.

This is the new smart product that Xiaomi presents

A great example of this is that the robot can follow the owner around the house, the office or even on the street, and thus plan a route to reach a certain point, automatically avoiding any obstacle during the process.

With all those cameras, it was expected that this device could record some videos. The Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 can record high-resolution videos a features a three-axis stabilization system for steady shots. Of course, and like most of the smart products launched by this Chinese company, thanks to a link that is created between this device and the user’s phone, you can see all the videos and images captured without any problem.

This is the new product that Xiaomi presents

A smart and customizable device

The Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 is a high-tech smart product that is suitable for all ages: from children who want a “playmate” to a mean of transport for those who might use it for more professional purposes.

Finally, a noteworthy detail is the possibility of adding modules to the Ninebot, which makes it a device that can be easily customized and upgraded.

A smart and customizable Xiaomi device

And what is its sale price?

The new Xiaomi Ninebot Lu Meng No. 9 is already on sale in the Jingdong online store with a price of 9988 yuan, which at the current exchange rate translates into $1,454.

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