[Promotion Deal] Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle: Classic Single Wheel, For Just 299.99

In many ways, the model Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle of Ninebot One agrees with the successor Xiaomi Ninebot E+ Unicycle. Especially the stylish look and elegant driving characteristics are preserved. The Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle is in the middle to upper price segment and is for hobby riders with the urge to an individual design the right thing.

Buy Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle For Just $299.99

The body or frame of the gyroscope Ninebot One C + is made with a Magnesium alloy, which gives it tremendous strength and resistance to shock, falls, accidents etc. during the enjoyment of this futuristic and wonderful one-person invention. The unicycle supports and supports loads up to 100 Kg. Of the operator’s weight.

The Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle has an innovative and futuristic design. It comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity version V 4.0 to manage excellent control of its functions. From the panel that you will have in the app available for iPhone or iPod.

You can have control of speed, range, temperature, battery power level, flashing warning lights, lights to see and be seen and other important functions that allow you to get a better performance of the vehicle.

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One of the most outstanding features of this electric unicycle is that it has a powerful “Brushless” motor with a maximum delivery of 450 w which operates at a working temperature from 10º Celsius to 45º Celsius, which provides a speed up to a maximum of 20 km / h.

Its biggest advantage is related to the battery it uses; This is Li-ion 4.1.Ah./220 Wh./55.5v with innovative technology. It optimizes the loading and unloading of energy. This procedure extends the useful life of the accumulator. The recharge time of the accumulator is 2.5 hours. It comes equipped with a 100 – 240 charger which generates an output power of 63V. which allows to efficiently charge the Li-ion battery. For two and a half hours (2, 5 H).

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The Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle is the most classic model in the range. It should be mentioned that as the years have gone by, the brand has been renewing its design. Positioned as the little brother of the Ninebot One, it offers good features of autonomy and maximum speed, enough to travel the city from side to side. Although what stands out most, is the heritage of quality, reliability, and design offered by Ninebot in all its models of electric unicycles.

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Buy Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Unicycle For Just $299.99

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