Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope with 100X Zoom For $269.99 [Coupon]

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, works closely with a lot of third-party companies to produce amazing products that perform quite well in the market. Most of Xiaomi’s home product is handled by Mijia, Xiaomi’s watches are handled by Amazfit and so on. Now, Xiaomi’s binoculars/telescope is handled by a company known as Beebest. Although this company has a couple of binoculars to its name, it has released an amazing looking agent. Not a binocular this time, but a telescope. With a telescope, you can bring the universe closer to your eyes. This means that you can view the stars and the moon as though they are only a few meters away. This product is an interesting piece thus let us take a closer look at its details.

Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope – The Moon At Your Grasp

The  Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope comes with a simple design and a detailed manual which makes it very easy to operate. It has a dimension of 28.00 x 9.50 x 110.00 cm and weighs about 9kg including its stand. It is molded from a rubber + aluminum alloy material to give it a premium appearance. The metal surface is painted and this protects the lens view making it more durable. An average binocular comes with 8X zoom, at best, it has 10X zoom but the Xiaomi telescope comes with a 100X zoom which brings everything within your field of view.

Simply put, the Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope gives you an easy way to watch the moon/stars, the planets, the city and even any scenery you desire. It comes with a classic refraction design with a wider (48 degree) field of view and good clarity. The standard 45-degree forward prism solves the problem of an inverted image thus allowing the telescope to have wider applicability. Whether you need to see the moon or a bustling city, it is within your field of vision.

It further has an objective lens diameter of 90 mm, eyepiece diameter of 20 mm and a focal length of 600 m. This means that even without magnification, you can seamlessly see great distances. The large main mirror diameter (90mm)  gives you a higher amount of light and the full-surface multi-layer coating reduces the reflection of light once it enters the objective lens which effectively improves the light transmittance.

The Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope is designed with a solid PL eyepiece which takes you farther to see the sky. The prosperity (PL)) eyepiece allows the user to see a clearer starry sky in a wide field of view. The telescope comes with a 600m focal length cylinder which gives the device a higher magnification. The FMC multi-layer broadband coating reduces the light loss and helps you see the farther sky.

Interestingly, the Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope comes with a couple of accessories which includes

  1. Equitorial Mount: This will be very useful to those who wants to use the telescope to view the stars. The earth is in constant motion this for you to view a still star, you need to offset the earth rotation and this is the job of the equitorial mount. You have to align the polar axis of the equitorial mount with the north pole and allow the telescope to align itself. With this, you can keep a star in a particular horizon for your viewing pleasure.
  2. Finderscope: The finderscope comes with a cross star on the lens which makes it easier and quicker to find an object even if it’s a star.
  3. Counterweight: This balances the weight of the telescope and makes all images especially images of objects outside the earth more stable.
  4. Tripod: The aluminium alloy tripod firmly supports the telescope and makes it convenient to carry from one location to another.
  5. Phone Holder: The smartphone is mounted on the eyepiece of the telescope and the observed object can be snapped or recorded as a video. This holder is suitable for mobile phones with a width of 80mm or less.
Image of the moon taken with the Xiaomi Telescope

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope

The Xiaomi Night Vision Astronomical Telescope is currently available on GearBest for $269.99.

Coupon Code: GBTWWYJ



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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