Xiaomi presents a new product perfect for the World Cup, and is a smart soccer ball

The celebration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia is dominating the headlines in the sports circle, making it the perfect time for companies around the world to launch products relating to soccer. Knowing that the popularity of the world cup is resulting in a large increase in overall sales, Xiaomi made the decision to launch a new smart soccer ball under its crowdfunding platform.

The INSAIT JOY Smart Football comes with an integrated chip that measures a large amount of data, such as the trajectory and speed at which the ball goes during any type of training. For the moment, it is available in the 4th and 5th models; the 4th model has a circumference of between 635 and 660 mm and a weight between 350 and 390 grams, being a little more suitable for young people under 12 years. On the other hand, the 5th model has a circumference of between 680 and 700 mm and a weight between 420 and 450 grams.

Xiaomi's new soccer ball

Great design of this Xiaomi soccer ball

In terms of the way it looks, the Xiaomi INSAIT JOY smart soccer ball is designed with a thermal bonding technology instead of the traditional sewing process. This technology has a good tightness and eliminates the possibility of deformation due to wear or immersion in water.

Also, the ball itself is made of PU leather, which is resistant to wear, and also has a butyl lining, so it meets perfectly with the specific rules that FIFA has. As it is a smart ball, it has a built-in high-speed trajectory calculation module, a micro-computing chip, and a high-performance sensor.

Great design of this Xiaomi soccer ball

High-quality technology in this product

The professional movement trajectory algorithm is executed in real time in order to analyze as accurately as possible the trajectory and movement of the ball. These captured data will be easily seen through an application for smartphones.

This application also supports short video recording, plus it comes with dynamic data movement, storage in the cloud and is able to create an exchange to social platforms.

High quality technology in this Xiaomi product

It comes with great and special exercise programs

On the other hand, Xiaomi also provided its soccer-loving users with a configuration of up to three levels and fourteen advanced exercise programs, and at the end of the training session, the application can rate the level of achievement of each exercise. They will be able to keep a large number of personal achievement rankings, with expert online PK.

Something that draws much attention to this product is that it supports wireless charging. A 30 minute charge can be used for a 3 hour training session, while a full charge of the battery will provide up to 7 hours of training. If the device is in standby mode, the battery can offer up to 40 days.

New Xiaomi's soccer ball

When and where will you be able to buy this product?

It is expected that the smart soccer ball INSAIT JOY of Xiaomi will be ship on July 10 from China, just a couple of days before the end of the World Cup, so this will be a great sports product for the academies and football clubs in the future. Having said that, this product is currently available on the company’s crowdfunding page for a price of 299 Yuan (or about $46).

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