Xiaomi launches brand new products in India

Good news for the Xiaomi lovers living in India as the Chinese brand has become one of the most loved in the country. The line of Xiaomi new products in India includes the Xiaomi Metal Pen, the Mi travel pillow, the I Love Mi shirt, and the Mi Band 2 Charger.

Xiaomi seeks to flood the market with its innovative products, and this time its goal is India, the Chinese company has launched a series of new products in the Indian market for all its fans.

Xiaomi Mi Metal Pen, a practical and elegant pen

Xiaomi Ink Pen Refill products in India

The line of the new products in India, without doubt, highlights the Xiaomi Mi Metal Pen, a standard size ballpoint pen measuring 14.3 cm long and 9.5 cm in diameter.

This ballpoint pen is made with aluminum alloys, thus giving a little more weight to the grip. This material goes through a process of adonization with sand jets that highlight its delicate details at the end of the procedure. In addition, this has a robust side, this is because it has anti-corrosive properties and is resistant to wear, no doubt an amazing feature that doesn’t go bad, so it makes it perfect for daily use.

The rod of the Xiaomi Mi Metal Pen is made by the famous Swiss company PREMEC, whose processing materials are tungsten carbide and Mikuni Japanese ink. These materials provide firmness, a fluid slip in the paper and the ink is quick-drying, convenient to get out of trouble without any kind of problems.

In addition, the ink is water resistant, providing any unwanted streak or a water stain on the paper. This pen can be filled at any time with the spare parts that PREMEC presents.

The Mi travel pillow, an ergonomic pillow in a U-shape

Xiaomi 8H Multifunction Pillow U1 - products in India

This pillow is specially made to be used on any trip, be it by train, car or plane. Thanks to its U-shape it fits ergonomically to our neck without major inconvenience.

The Mi travel pillow is made with cotton and natural latex, which is a very comfortable and soft material, excellent for our necks.

It is available in beige and gray. This pillow is ideal for any user regardless of age, thus forming part of the line of new products in India.

The I Love Mi T-Shirt, a special shirt for the Xiaomi lovers

The I Love Mi T-Shirt is created for the brand’s fans, composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex in small size (S), medium size (M), large size (X), and extra large size (XL). A piece that undoubtedly draws attention among the new products in India.
In addition, it comes in a range of classic colors such as white, black and gray.

The Mi Band 2 charger can now be purchased individually without any inconvenience

The versatile Mi band 2 charger can now be purchased individually without major inconvenience. The charger cable of the Mi Band 2 is also compatible with the Mi Band HRX edition.

Price list of the new products in India

Producto Prices in dollars ($)  Prices in Euros  (€)
Xiaomi Mi Metal Pen $2 €1,72
Mi travel pillow $15 (approx.) €12,90
 Love Mi T-Shirt $6 €5,16
Mi Band 2 Charger $2 €1,72

All these new products in India are already available because their sales started on June 15, we can find these products from $2 (€1.72) to about $15 (€12.90).

Source: gizmochina

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