Xiaomi will attend the MWC 2019 in Barcelona and will have a stand of 672 square meters

2019 it’s just starting and we already have incredible news, one that will please all the fans of the Chinese company, Xiaomi, and is that the Asian manufacturer will in theory again attend the largest event of Smartphones in the world, the MWC (Mobile World Congress), which will be celebrated in Barcelona, Spain. So we invite you to continue with us during this section and know more about this interesting piece of news.

Xiaomi MWC 2018

Xiaomi has not confirmed their attendance, but the map with the location of the stands has been leaked

The MWC 2019 will start this February 24, so we are pretty close to its opening and even then, at this time, Xiaomi has not confirmed its attendance, at least not officially, although the latter will not be necessary and is that a map indicating the location of the stands of each company has been leaked, showing the Chinese giant next to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It should be noted that Xiaomi will apparently have a space of 672 square meters.

Xiaomi MWC 2019

What will Xiaomi bring for the MWC 2019?

As mentioned above, Xiaomi has not confirmed its attendance and therefore, the devices that could be shown are subject to change, although we can get an idea of what they will have prepared for this occasion, which will undoubtedly be more interesting than that of the last year, since they did not show any new equipment that time. So far, it is expected for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Version to be presented there since Xiaomi is betting big for this 2019 with IoT integration (Internet of Things).

Xiaomi MWC 2018

And for the second surprise, we could see the Redmi Go, a very low-end Smartphone, which, in theory, will have a price even lower than usual. For now, it is all we can add in terms of devices and it is unknown if the brand is preparing something more for this event, although, without a doubt, we will have other known jewels from its repertoire.


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