Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set: All-in-One Gym Offered For $339.99(Coupon)

Most people who know the brand of Xiaomi, will know that like our universe, this company is constantly expanding and is doing this very fast. This is reflected in the new addition of sports products which took place some time ago, in which they have added a new fitness equipment monitor-able through an app on the mobile called Xiaomi Move it. Xiaomi Move it is an important addition to its recent line, which already has a sports watch called Amazfit, with a large number of applications for physical training, and has already launched new sneakers, which are capable of carrying our Recording while running or just walking. It is noteworthy that they have managed to launch the Xiaomi Move it exercise equipment to the market thanks to its crowdfunding platform in conjunction with Eggplant technologies, which have been developing it for approximately two years.

Move It Smart Fitness Set from Xiaomi youpin- Black

Xiaomi Move It: sports set managed from its own app

It is no secret to anyone that Xiaomi has spent a few years in the niche of sports gadgets, which have achieved numerous successes such as the case of Xiaomi Mi Bands. The Xiaomi Move It is an intelligent fitness equipment, very compact and versatile since it can integrate diverse accessories that allow to realize a great number of exercises of different wingspan.

Move It Smart Fitness Set from Xiaomi youpin- Black

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The equipment of the Xiaomi Move it is composed of four sets of pieces of plastic and aluminum attached to a single housing which can be stored comfortably in any space of the home, in addition, has a total weight of 6.5 kg, which is extremely manageable. With the tools that include the whole team of the Xiaomi Move it one can realize different types of exercise. The 4 main objects are an abdominal wheel, an elastic cord, a support for doing push-ups and a jump rope.

Move It Smart Fitness Set from Xiaomi youpin- Black

Xiaomi Move It: Connectivity and Sensors

The Xiaomi Move It features 7 different types of high-precision sensors that are built in to identify the users exercise status and intelligently analyze whether the action is correct or not. The data can be monitored in real time through an application on their smartphones. Instead of each of the accessories have a set of sensors, what has been implemented in the Xiaomi Move it is an interchangeable grip bar between all the devices that is the one containing these sensors, which are 7 in total, the touch sensor, Six-axis sensor, pressure sensor, tension sensor, photoelectic encoder, and infrared ranging and infrared reflection sensor.

Move It Smart Fitness Set from Xiaomi youpin- Black

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Specifically, the handle includes 6-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, capacitive sensor for touch, pressure and voltage sensor, infrared alignment and infrared distance measurement and 2.4 GHz radio frequency, which can record up to 41 movements Different. The connection to the mobile and the application is made via Bluetooth 4.0 for Android and iOS mobiles.

Move It Smart Fitness Set from Xiaomi youpin- Black

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All this information is connected to the Move It application that Xiaomi has designed for the training team. This application will allow the entrant to program the routines so that the client can then do them at home, and check that he follows them correctly. In the application, you can also see the calories spent depending on the repetitions of each exercise, as well as share information with friends and acquaintances. It also allows you to create challenges and visualize information in real time of what our opponents are doing.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is currently available on Gearbest for $339.99 using the coupon code: GBZNJSTZ



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