Xiaomi Mix User Gets 1350 Yuan ($196) Screen Repair Bill After Damage

The Xiaomi Mix comes as a very fragile device, not only at the rear ceramic glass covering it adorns, but also at the front considering it is a very wide device with a 6.88-inch display. That makes the device easy to get cracked whenever it falls down.


Xiaomi realised this and instituted a screen insurance scheme whereby users can insure their Mi Mix units for just 249 Yuan ($36) per year and then get free replacement if peradventure the display gets damaged within that period. Unfortunately, one Xiaomi Mi Mix user had to learn the hard way, the consequency of not insuring his priced possession against screen damage.


According to the unfortunate Xiaomi Mix owner, the device fell from the sofa to a tiled floor, just an height of 50 cm but that was enough to fragment the top left edge of the display. The owner also hinted during interaction that the cost of repairs for the device amounted to 1350 Yuan ($196). That is because the Xiaomi Mix comes with a premium custom display which costs a lot higher than the normal displays on other phones.


So it is strongly advised that in case you own an Mi Mix, get it insured for just 249 Yuan per year. It saves you the cost of repairs if the screen gets broken as well as if it falls in water for a duration of 12 months.


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