Dark mode feature is on its way to MIUI 10

For this section we return with Xiaomi’s own operating system, MIUI, which is already in its tenth installment, MIUI 10, and as many of you already know, it is constantly evolving and receiving updates to offer users the best possible performance and experience, and as proof of this, in its most recent update, added a direct access to Google Assistant by means of a gesture, but this is not all, since on the next installment it will add dark mode to navigate through much of its interface. We invite you to continue with us and learn more about this interesting news.


The next update of MIUI 10 will bring the dark mode

The new update that will reach users of MIUI 10 is coming with dark mode or at least so say the members of FoneArena, who were the first to know the most striking features of the next update of MIUI 10. It is worth mentioning that the company has not yet revealed the content of this update, so it is subject to change, but despite this, there is strong evidence that we will have the dark mode soon and this is due to the fact that we have leaked images that show several software interfaces denoting a dark style. Among them, we can mention the menu of contacts, messages, gallery, calculator, notes, screen and updater.

Xiaomi dark mode
Credits to FoneArena

It is also presumed that this dark mode will extend to other apps and screens, such as Mi account, managing applications, dual applications, second space, blocking applications, permissions, data usage configuration, business mode, among others. It’s worth mentioning that you can already download various dark themes dedicated to this operating system, but the problem is that many are not complete and others are too heavy to allow us to navigate comfortably, as they take longer than usual to open any menu.

Xiaomi dark mode
Credits to FoneArena

Xiaomi prepares for the new update of MIUI

We must mention that Xiaomi recently confirmed that soon will begin the development of the new installment of MIUI, we are talking about MIUI 11, which confirms the popularity of the Android-based software. So far, it has about 300 million active users around the world and has been in the market for about 402 weeks since its launch date, making it the longest running Chinese operating system, and it is also expected to continue growing in the years to come.

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