Xiaomi Mituwatch, a smartwatch made for children


Kids these days love technology, also they have an special instinct to cope with it. The big manufacturers are aware of this and that’s why there are tons of products designed specifically for children, just like the Xiaomi Mituwatch, a smartphone made for the little kids.

Mituwatch, keep your kids located at all time


Not only the children will love Mituwatch, but also the parents and not only because of its low cost, it’s also because thanks to this device  they can know exactly where the child is located.

Despite the fact that in a few days Xiaomi will host an event where we expect the revealing of some new devices, this smartphone went ahead and has already been revealed.

Mituwatch comes in two different colors,pink and blue. Its practical design counts with silicone straps that are resistant to bumps and scratches.

More features of the Mituwatch


The Mituwatch comes with a GPS so that the parents always know where their children are and it also has an emergency button in case they experiment a rough situation. When pressed, the parents get the exact coordinates and they also get a 7-seconds recording.

To be able to provide this service, the watch is connected to the internet by using a prepaid card. It’s compatible with iOS and Android and it counts with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mituwatch comes with a battery capable of lasting 2 days of use and 6 days without use. Also, thanks to an app we can locate the watch in case the kid loses it.

Also, parents can determine a safety zone that, in case the child leaves that zone, the watch will alert the emergency contacts, there can be 12 safety zones at the most.

The watch is not yet available for worldwide sale, but surely when it begins to be sold wordlwide, its sales will increase sustancially.



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