Xiaomi MITU Scooter Offered for $52.99

We know Xiaomi is making smart products for all cases of life. It’s very important they don’t forget about children. Recently, the manufacturer launched a few products made for kids especially. Almost all products in this range carry the brand of MITU. So we can write down this brand has been created for children only. Just recently, we saw a few toys made by this company. Plus, there was a toy drone priced at around $70. Now it’s the turn of the Xiaomi MITU Scooter. The latter supports a maximum weight of 50kg. It is priced at $52.99, which is an amazing offer if taking into account the build quality, the stylish look, the quality materials, and other aspects.

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Xiaomi MITU Scooter

The whole design of the Xiaomi MITU Scooter is designed to guarantee the safety of children without detracting from the fun. Its C-shaped handlebar with an aluminum frame wrapped in soft rubber has been made for a better grip. The wide 567mm long and 134 wide platform guarantees the stability of the child. Moreover, it comes with an anti-slip cover.

Xiaomi MITU Scooter

The next advantage of the Xiaomi MITU Scooter is designed in the way to ensure safety while driving. The thickness of the front wheels is 32mm, while the rear one goes up to 52mm. They come with flashing lights that give a captivating and sporty look to the children’s vehicle. When the scooter is in motion, the built-in lamp beads emit light through the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can increase the visibility at night.

Xiaomi MITU Scooter

This scooter also uses a large rear brake in case the small pilot engages a speed. It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi MITU Scooter adopts a dual-spring gravity steering system that can mobilize the child’s ability to coordinate the body’s center of gravity and maintain balance. No matter whether it is left or right, it can automatically return to the middle position. Compared with the non-gravity steering system, it can be reduced. The risk of deviating position and the poor balance of children can also help children maintain balance.


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