Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone That Offers Great Features Now Available For $64.99 (Flash Sale)

The Chinese giant in 2016 presented us with the successful Mi Drone 4K to face the Phantom series of DJI. And not long ago, he has launched a portable drone under his MITU sub-brand called Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone that offers great features for its compact size. If you want to buy this drone, so, it is currently available on Gearbest for $64.99 in a flash sale and you can also get it from Banggood at $64.99.

Buy Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone For $64.99

BanggoodBuy Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone For $64.99

Xiaomi Mitu mini-drone weight is 88 grams and a size of 11 cm make this new drone an ultra-portable device, which despite its small size will not lose stability on the fly, thanks to the structure of its frame, which was designed taking into account the light weight of the fuselage to achieve stability in loads. The lower part of the drone’s fuselage has a large area full of holes to provide optimal heat dissipation during its feeding phases during flight.

The Xiaomi mini-drone is made of modified polypropylene, a plastic material that makes it more resistant to falls. On the other hand, the propellers are made of lightweight fiberglass of high strength. It is equipped with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor designed to quickly process the data set thrown by several integrated sensors responsible for keeping the drone as stable as possible in flight, this way we as users can simply give direction to their movements without the drone losing control.

The Xiaomi Mini Drone uses a remote control powered by a Wi-Fi radio with a frequency above 5.0 GHz that has a range of up to 50 meters, maintaining a maximum flight height of 25 meters , but can transmit FPV images (first-person view) in HD format at 720p and take pictures at 1600 X 1200 resolution, which can be stored in its 4GB of internal storage. However, a point against is that the integrated camera is not adjustable but fixed, but the battery can be removed from the body and has a capacity of 920 mAh capable of making up to 10 minutes of flight.

Among the functions of the new Xiaomi Mini Drone are: automatic mode, take off from the palm of the hand, gravity detection, aerial acrobatics in 360 degrees and other basic functions, but one of these characteristics, in particular, is linked to the application for smartphones, since this is linked to a kind of video game that seems to be mixed reality. The small drone Xiaomi would be virtually located in a three-dimensional scene where the aerial fight is the basis of the game.

Buy Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone For $64.99

BanggoodBuy Xiaomi Mitu Mini Drone For $64.99

The Xiaomi mini-drone is currently available on Gearbest for $64.99 and you can also get it from Banggood at $64.99. Both online stores would be delivered to your destination for free.


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