Xiaomi Mint Browser: More than a simple browser

Xiaomi is not limited only to the manufacture of physical products, it is also a company that develops good software. Recently, the fourth largest technology in the world, launched the Xiaomi Mint Browser, a browser characterized by great speed, with voice search and a night reading mode that has caught our attention. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Xiaomi Mint Browser features

Xiaomi Mint Browser has an attractive interface, similar to Google Chrome. Also, the browser has great speed, which allows us to explore any multimedia content fast. It is a very light app, weighing only 12 MB. Consequently, demands little RAM memory for its operation. Among other features, the software integrates an icon to voice search in the bottom; so it will be possible to perform any type of search in a comfortable and fast way. Also, Xiaomi Mint Browser includes a night-time reading mode, which considerably reduces eyes-train when we browsing in low-light places.

Xiaomi Mint Browser features

The company says Xiaomi Mint Browser is AdFree. Therefore, some annoying ads that invade the browser will not be a problem. However, this could change in the future because Xiaomi usually put its own Ads in MIUI-based smartphones and PatchWall-running Mi TVs.

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How download Xiaomi Mint Browser?

Xiaomi Mint Browser is available for Android 4.4 or above in Google Store. You can download Xiaomi Mint Browser through the link below:

Download Xiaomi Mint Browser

How download Xiaomi Mint Browser?


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