Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: An amazing massager for any type of headache

Xiaomi is one of those companies that you never know what to expect from them, this is because it has always surprised the public with the launch of all kinds of unexpected products, among which we can highlight a clothing line, something quite curious due to that the company focused on technology. It has in its power many lines of different markets and one of the biggest is the health and wellbeing, this is where we will meet with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1, a head massager for any pain that we can suffer.

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Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1

Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: Design and package

The package in which this device comes has dimensions of 11x11x11cm and has a total weight of 0.7Kg. This device was created by the company Tiajin Jiu’an Medical Electronics Co under the command of Xiaomi. This head massager comes in blue with white and has a total of 4 rotating heads that are made of elastic plastic materials which manage to adjust to the head and thus obtain a smooth rotation.

Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: Design and package

This head massager is manufactured with the intention of offering the user a great relaxation in a very important area, which is why its design has a figure quite different from that of the common massagers, it is a device that does not  has a round or oval shape, simply has a line to hold it and then a circular shape where there are the heads that will perform the head massage.

Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: Features

This is a device that is part of the Smart Home line, so it has a series of features that will make staying at home much more relaxing. The first thing to say is that you have a total of 6 different types of scheduled massages, depending on the user’s need at the time, you can schedule to perform massages in different areas of the head. In addition to this, inside, has a powerful 1200mAh battery that can be recharged in just 10 minutes through a USB type C.

Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: Features

With this battery, the device offers up to 160 minutes of continuous massage in its fast mode, while it can get to work for 200 minutes in its slow mode. Another interesting feature is that this device is quite resistant because it can get wet and still work perfectly, thanks to the fact that it has an IPX7 certificate, which means that it can be used without fear of being damaged by some type of accident.

Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1: Where to buy it?

If you want to buy the Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1 for a price of $49.99 (€44.47) you can do it through the Aliexpress online store using the link that we will provide below:

Buy Xiaomi Mini Head Massager M1 on Aliexpress

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