Xiaomi Mini Folding Washing Machine finally available for purchase

The Chinese giant tech developer Xiaomi has just launched the next edition of its mini Washing Machine. The latest model is known as the Xiaomi Mini Folding Washing Machine XPB08-F1 (Moyu Washing Machine). Moyu is Xiaomi’s subsidiary in its Youpin program. It has developed several items for Xiaomi in this product category. Now, the brand is ready to assist the audience with the latest version.

Features of Xiaomi Mini Folding Washing Machine:

Earlier, people used to wash their wearable clothes with hands. It took harder efforts and time to get the job done with satisfactory results. Now is the era of modern technologies. Today, we have numerous solutions to deal with challenging tasks like washing clothes or cleaning homes. Xiaomi is there to alleviate your worries around.

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Like the previous models, the newest one also brings the basket-like design and lightweight body. It is an ideal product for travelling as it is pleasant to carry around with due to the 292x292x93 mm physical dimensions in the folding state. Moyu Washing Machine, Moyu Washing Machine review, Moyu Washing Machine hands on, Moyu Washing Machine buy now weighs only 19kg. Furthermore, the folding washing machine is built of using ABS plastic material with impact resistance. You can select any of the pink and grey colour options.

Xiaomi mini Folding Washing Machine buy now

In terms of specifications, the Xiaomi Mini Folding Washing Machine features high-temperature soaking. It needs only 10 minutes for each washing power. Further, the washing machine provides 0.3 KG capacity. It means you can wash a short sleeve shirt or a set of underwear or 7 pairs of socks at a time.

Near the bottom, the Xiaomi Mini Folding Washing machine features a touch control button alongside one-button effluent. The bottom side hides the retractable drain pipe for filth water release. Moreover, Xiaomi Moyu’s mini washing machine comes with 21W-rated power and waterproof physical aesthetics. Overall, the Xiaomi Moyu folding washing machine XPB08-F1 is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly product to meet your washing needs at lower water usage.


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