Xiaomi mini fan VH: Modest friend of the traveler

This year’s summer has come to an end, leaving behind tons of memories. Summer is great, but it can be sweltering in some of the countries. However like every year summer will come again; therefore we got to review a great gadget from Xiaomi The Xiaomi Mini Fan VH.

Such a device like The Xiaomi Mini Fan VH is great while traveling to hot countries, on the sunny beaches of the warm southern sea, or any other place where the temperature is not tolerable. We have used the fan everywhere we got a chance inside subways, office, cars and many other places. The Xiaomi Mini Fan VH is a must-have device if you don’t like hot climate.
The product is available in 5 different colors to choose from:

Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
A light blue came to us. While in transit the package was severely damaged, however, its contents remain intact:
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH

Product specifications:

Xiaomi develops this mini fan VH, as its other usual with home goods, as a “producer.” This is the from their crowd-funding area where they develop all kind of goods for smart homes.


Xiaomi Mini Fan VH

– fan,
– cord (52cm),
– stand,
– User guide.

The design of the fan remains quite a simple nothing unnecessary. The blade of a rotor fit behind a frequent grating, which protects both the blades as well your fingers. The handle length of the device is short but easy to hold with the hand and a single button for on/off function.

Xiaomi Mini Fan VH Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
In hand, the handle of fan lies comfortably – very light, but not delicate:
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH

One of the best things about the mini fan includes its production material. The plastic body of the fan is of premium quality, all parts are glued together and are unbreakebale. Even if try to press the parts of the shield they slightly bend, not breaking the protection of fan. The shield also does not allow to stick a finger between them so, even a child can use the fan.

Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Impeller seven-bladed:
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Single button for on/off: 
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
On the back side of the handle, the charging connector and the LED light are located. When in working blue color light shows, when charging red and when the device gets fully charged it lights in green color.
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
At the bottom of the pair of stubs for the lace (complete with blue, green and orange it is not, but in gray and pink, it seems to be):
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH Xiaomi Mini Fan VH The Xiaomi mini fan VH comes with a portable stand. It turns the fan from portable and handy to stable. The stand is quite stable on flat surfaces. It’s very Convenient to use the fan you can place it next to the computer, the dashboard of your car, or near to your bed. Bottom of the fan comes with an anti-skid sticker which provides necessary friction to control the fan while on its stand.
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH Xiaomi Mini Fan VH

In the workThe Xiaomi wan comes with three “speeds” regarding work. Every speed differs in power and, accordingly, the strength of the airflow 1.4W / 2.5W / 4W. Switch modes work in the following sequence: Off / 1/2/3. If you hold for the button for 2 seconds in any mode, it will turn off the fan.

Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
The air flow of the Xiaomi mini fan VH is great. You can quickly feel the air from a distance of about 80 cm above 2 “speed.” Even at full mode running the noise is stays at 30db. We will not call the device noiseless, the sound is evident, especially in mode 3. We did not get to see the engine of the device as its all glued together, so from here are the pictures of brushless engine digitally.
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH
Still, we could not resist and decided to disassemble the break handle, breaking glued fixing. From the picture, you can directly see the battery which is assembled within the handle of the fan.
Xiaomi Mini Fan VH

We completely drained the fan and charged it again. We also added a tester and got the following data from the test:

The Xiomi claimed operating time, depending on the switched on mode (1/2/3): 6/3/2 hours. Well, we checked the work at “medium” (2) speed, the fan worked for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes. We also note that, while the fan is working and we connect it to charging the speed in each mode is even increases 20 percent. This can be great if you are near to some power source. You can directly plug the device for charging and enjoy a better air flow.

The Verdict

The Xiaomi mini fan VH is an excellent device for getting a piece of personal comfort. The device is quite durable and at the same time not much heavy. The device is safe for both grownup and children, unless, of course, you do not try to push your fingers through the protective elements. However naturally, you do not need to throw them in the open southern sun. The duration of the work from the battery, although slightly lower than the claimed, but, all the same, not bad. A convenient stand allows you not to keep the fan all the time in your hands. Overall, this is an excellent device if you are living in someplace hot or even planning to travel to one.

Xiaomi mini fan VH
  • Design
  • Battery
  • Ease of Use
  • Price

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