Xiaomi MiMoji is now available for all smartphones!

It will seem a bit absurd, but one of the characteristics that make users dream with a high-end device is something that, in a way, can be stupid, but fun and unique; We are talking about the famous AniMoji, a kind of faces represented by cartoon characters, which follow the user’s facial expressions by moving their eyes and mouth in a synchronized manner. Due to the high popularity of this application, Xiaomi launched its own version, the well-known MiMoji, and that is precisely what we are going to talk about today.

Over time, users around the world have realized that it is very fun to create a video with a funny face and our voice to be able, for example, to wish a happy birthday to one of our relatives or close friends. So do not use it for this, draws much attention the fact that you can represent your face through animated dolls.

Xiaomi MiMoji is now available for all smartphones!

You can already get MiMoji on any smartphone

As mentioned above, Xiaomi did not waste time to introduce this function to its smart devices, as is its range of Mi 8 Explorer Edition, which also offers the possibility of changing our voice in real time with a high-pitched tone or a little monster.

For Xiaomi, these animated faces are called MiMoji, and although previously they were available for a single device of the company, the love of the users for these animations made them expand to more phones, and this is precisely the great news of the day of today: we are happy to inform you that you can get the Xiaomi MiMoji application on any smartphone (as long as you have Android 5.0 or higher)!

You can already get MiMoji on any smartphone

How to make this application work on our device?

In order to obtain this application it is not necessary to root, unlock the Bootloader or anything else on our device, since all you have to do is install an apk file related to the MiMoji application.

It must be said that this application was only available in the Russian language, but now it is available in English. Once the application has started, all you have to do is grant the permissions and place yourself in front of the smartphone so that the selfies camera perfectly frames our face. At this point, you have to choose the favorite character that goes from the MITU mascot to a cute pig, a fox, a panda, a monkey, a dragon, a fish of the abyss, a giraffe, a robot, a turtle, a goat and, finally, a candy.

How to make Xiaomi MiMoji work on our device?

Functionality of this entertaining application

The character chosen by the user will be able to follow the movement of its face, turning its head, closing its eyes and moving its mouth. Also, with the red button that is located at the bottom, you can start a video recording that, once finished, will allow you to watch the video to save it in the memory of your smartphone or share it on some social networks. Having said that, you can also change the voice thanks to the use of buttons in the shape of a face of a woman, man and caricature, thus obtaining very good results whose only limit is the imagination.

This application has been tested several times and works correctly on devices of each brand provided they are running a version of Android 5.0 or higher, and that the processor is of the ARM type. On older devices, the video preview in the application may seem poor, but the exported video looks perfect.

Changes with respect to previous versions

  • MIUI CTA was removed for the application to work with all smart devices.
  • All routes, bugs, bug reports and URLs of A / B experiments were modified in non-existent URLs (this means that information will not be sent to the Chinese servers from your device).
  • The voice effect of the caricature is unlocked, although it must be said that it seems similar, if not equal, to the original voice.
  • The application was translated from Chinese to English, although some texts may not be very accurate.
  • The duration of the videos can now reach up to 30 seconds, instead of the default 10 seconds.

Changes with respect to Xiaomi MiMoji previous versions

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