Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad Review: A very useful accessory for the Wowstick 1fs screwdriver

For the repair of home appliances and devices, Xiaomi has been able to partner with multiple world-famous companies to give their customers the best tools that facilitate work at home. One of them is the Wiha brand that has already amazed us with some kits like the Wiha 24 in 1 or the 26 in 1, both provide not only quality but practicality and convenience to the user. However, we have also mentioned several times Wowstick articles, equally remarkable. Among them is a screwdriver called Wowstick 1fs to which the company ended up launching a very useful accessory: the Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad. However, before describing it, we will briefly review what the screwdriver has to offer us.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick 1fs screwdriver


It has a very thin body made of anodized aluminum, which gives a good finish, in addition to making it resistant to pressures and difficulties to which it can be subjected. It is a little bigger than a ballpoint pen, with dimensions of 17.50 cm long x 1.5 cm in diameter and weighs only 183g.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick 1fs screwdriver

The screwdriver comes in silver and black. It has an engraving of the brand in a silver tone, and on one side there is a black bar which is a 2-position button. The area of the head is magnetic to ensure the fixation of the piece to be used.


The two-position button is responsible for turning the engine on and rotating it in one of the two directions (one to tighten and the other to loosen). While the engine is running, the LED light will be on.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick 1fs screwdriver

The rotation speed of the motor is 100 revolutions per minute. In addition, the motor is capable of exerting a torque force of at least 3N. In general it has 6 heads, which are included with the screwdriver. In technical terms, these are a PH000 and a PH1, an SL1.5 and an SL3.0, and finally, a T5 and a T6.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick 1fs screwdriver

The Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs uses two AAA batteries to give you an autonomy of up to 8 hours of continuous use or approximately 180 days with normal use.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad: Accessory

This accessory will become your professional maintenance and assembly partner. It is made of plastic and coated with a soft magnetic material. There are in different presentations of manageable sizes. One of them even fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, which has measures of 165 x 65 x 2mm, plus a weight of only 65g.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad: Utility

The Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad is a magnetic board, which is quite useful during the repair of devices since many people at that time are faced with the problem of losing the screws of the devices that have disassembled or choosing the wrong screw when you need to reassemble the device. Now, you should not worry about anything, because the company associated with Xiaomi, “Wowtation”, the manufacturer of the best innovative electric screwdrivers, took care of those small problems that afflict customers.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Therefore, the Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad works as a precise memory magnetic board with a grid design. This guarantees a high efficiency during assembly as the lattice design, clearly marked, serves to locate the screws; this allows you to easily memorize the screws installed in the products.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

The only thing you have to do during the disassembly/assembly of the device is to place each screw in a cell. Very convenient, because now you will be able to “build” and not lose the correct sequence when loosening/tightening the screws, their location and, most importantly, none of them will be lost.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Best of all, it has a huge bilateral force of magnetic absorption, so it can pick up even the smallest pieces without easily falling off. And although it is an accessory that can be combined beautifully while working with the Wowstick 1fs, the truth is that you can use it in conjunction with any tool you have in your home.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad: Specification table

Brand Xiaomi Mijia (in association with Wowstick)
Kind Accessory, a plate for screws
Color Lead gray
Materials Plastic coated with magnetic material
Useful for Any type of screwdriver or tool
Applications Used to place screws from electronic products, such as smartphones, digital cameras, RC toys, etc.
Characteristic Grids clearly marked to allow the user to mark the position of the screws in the devices.
Dimensions of the product 16.50 x 6.50 x 0.02 cm
Dimensions of the package 17.00 x 7.00 x 0.05 cm
Product weight 62g
Package weight 74g
Includes Plate for screws Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad: Availability and prices

If we have aroused your interest in the Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad and you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? Well, we have excellent news for you, and that is, it is available for sale in the electronic stores of Gearbest, Aliexpress and Banggood where it is available for a price of $3.19 (€2.73), $3.99 (€3.42) and $4.99 (€4.28), respectively. So, to make your shopping experience faster, below we will provide the links that will take you directly to the product.

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