(Flash Deal) Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smartwatch: IP67 Waterproof For Just $86.33

Although in recent years, smart watches managed to conquer the hearts of many active users of progressive gadgets, their short battery life can also upset people with the same ease. Yes, and a weighty device on the hand does not look very stylish, so the world-famous company presented its admirers with a new development, Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smartwatch a hybrid smartwatch.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smartwatch: IP67 Waterproof For Just $86.33

The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smartwatch looks exactly the same as a regular wrist watch, but at the same time, it has a rich functionality and smart capabilities. As for its appearance, the model is available in three colors: gray, black and blue. The watch screen is made of mineral glass, so a protective film is simply necessary for it.

There is a small crown on the side of the case, but, unlike ordinary watches, it does not translate the hands, but gives a start to some smart functions. Another feature of the model Xiaomi Mijia Smart – is that its strap is made of genuine cowhide, in addition, it can be replaced with just one touch of the latch.

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The functionality of the hybrid smartwatch also impresses with its diversity. It has a pedometer, calorie counting (consumption and statistics), the possibility of making calls, world time and notifications using vibration. And although there are not so many smart functions in this model as in a full-fledged smartwatch, this is the main advantage of Xiaomi Mijia Smart – it doesn’t need to be charged so often.

It uses the most common battery, which can be changed no more than once every six months. So, happy owners of smart news from Xiaomi can not worry that the device will turn off at the most inconvenient time for them. Yes, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Waterproof Smartwatch looks very stylish and concise, due to its similarity with the usual wrist watches.

Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smartwatch is now available on Gearbest just at $86.33 On Black Friday Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart Waterproof Smartwatch For Just $86.33 On Black Friday Sale

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