Grab The New Xiaomi MIJIA Walkie Talkie 1S For Just $84.12

Weeks ago, Xiaomi officially announced the launch of a new walkie-talkie under the MIJIA brand which is an upgrade to the walkie-talkie launched march last year. The amazing thing here is that the Xiaomi MIJIA Walkie Talkie 1S maintains the same price as the predecessor. The first generation MIJIA Walkie-Talkie was well received when it was put on sale and even won the Good Design Award for 2017 for its elegant design. The device was available in white and blue and has days of waiting duration.

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MIJIA Walkie Talkie

The new MIJIA Walkie Talkie 1S comes with a lighter and slimmer design accompanied by a higher performance with a 125 mm x 55 mm x 25m, for this you should also add 100 mm antenna so the final height is 225mm, it weighs 195g. Compared to the previous generation, it is portable and also comes with a clip on the back that accompanies a 3W transmission power, which means that the range of this generation is higher. This model offers up to 5 days of waiting time. As the first generation walkie-talkie, also accompanied by FM radio, taking advantage of the capabilities of its antenna and is compatible with the azimuth exchange.

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The new walkie-talkie allows you to establish a connection between the second and the distance from 4 to 10km in the open area. The built-up area drops in the area, conversations can be carried in the distance from 1 to 5 kilometers. If someone is planning to use in high-rise buildings, the range is from 2-30 floors. The device offers 10 hours of talk time, thanks to the installation of a 3000 mAh battery. Charging takes place via the micro USB port. In standby mode, it will withstand 48 hours. On the housing, there are LEDs informing about the state of charge of the battery.



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