Xiaomi Mijia V03: Colorful mini speaker that guarantees a fascinating experience

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has shown over the last few months to be a great company in the range of articles of basic necessity as well as attractive accessories, each of its launches being a success, an example of this is the Xiaomi Integrated 4 Blade Electric Shaver, an awesome shaving machine, as well as this product many more have had such success, for this reason, today we will review the Xiaomi Mijia V03, a colorful mini speaker that will undoubtedly captivate us generating a pleasant musical experience. Stay with us to learn more about this device below.

Xiaomi Mijia V03

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Package Content

The Xiaomi Mijia V03 comes in a simplistic design box that lacks ornaments and has a minimalist style presenting a size according to our mini speaker, complying with the following dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm and has a weight of: 0.7kg. As for its interior, we will find the following objects:

  • 1x Mini Speaker Xiaomi Mijia V03
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Instruction manual in English

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Design

The Xiaomi Mijia V03 shows us a striking and very delicate design, being ideal to be taken to any environment without causing an imbalance in its harmony, as we mentioned above, it is a small and portable device, which makes it easy to take it with us. It is a piece of elongated equipment with speakers as its base and a body of a resistant material that illuminates us through the effect of colored LED lights, creating a pleasant atmosphere wherever we are.

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Design

Its manufacturing materials do not depart from the parameters of traditional mini speakers, having a compact structure built with aluminum alloy together with PC material, which gives us both greater strength and durability, also, we can find it available in color black and white.

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Design

At its base, in addition to the previously mentioned speakers, we can find a USB port and a 3.5mm connector, while in the upper part we find the on/off button next to the light control. Finally, it is an article of reduced size, presenting the following dimensions: 197 × 92.5 × 92.5 mm with a weight of 760 grams.

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Design

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Features

The Xiaomi Mijia V03 packs a lot of features that make this device a captivating option to spend time with friends, at home or in the office while listening to music that we like in a fluid and clear way. Everything will be possible thanks to its support for Bluetooth version 4.2, which allows us to pair it with our mobile phones (iOS and Android), tablets, computers, and other compatible devices, being possible to answer incoming calls.

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Features

Another important aspect of the Xiaomi Mijia V03 is that it works with an integrated lithium polymer battery (2600 V/3.7 mAh × 2), which delivers up to 10 hours of autonomy (depending on the volume and audio content).

Additionally, it is a 100% resistant device thanks to its previously mentioned materials which are able to withstand impacts, falls, dust, scratches and even contact with water, whether it is splashing or even submerging it for a few seconds.

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Features

Now, we have some specifications in terms of frequency and sound that we should mention, which gives a touch of more power to our mini speaker:

  • Frequency response: 60 Hz-20 kHz
  • Speaker: 52 × 2 mm
  • Output power: 8 W x 2 pcs.
  • Noise factor: less than 80 dB
  • Charging time of the battery: 3 hours
  • Support: A2DPV1.3, AVRCPV1.6, HFPV1.6, HSPV1.2
Xiaomi Mijia V03: Features

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Specification Table

Basic information
Name of the manufacturer: Xiaomi
Product name: Xiaomi Mijia V03
Model: Mini Speaker
Manufacturing materials: Aluminium alloyPC
Colour: Black and white
Dimension: 197×92,5×92,5 mm
Weight:  760 grams
Bluetooth: Version 4.2
Output power: 8 W x 2 pcs.
Noise factor: less than 80 dB
Dimension: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 0,7kg
Includes: 1x Mini Speaker Xiaomi Mijia V03
1x USB Cable
1x Instruction manual in English

Xiaomi Mijia V03: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi Mijia V03 on the Gearbest and AliExpress online store for a price of $99.99 (€87.95). If you want to enjoy this beauty which will guarantee a harmonious atmosphere to listen to music in the company of friends, at home or at the office, do not wait any longer. Then, we will leave the purchase link below in case you are interested in this gem:

Buy Xiaomi Mijia V03 on Gearbest

Buy Xiaomi Mijia V03 on Aliexpress

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