Buy Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector: 4K, 150-inch Size, For Just $1599.99

Xiaomi MiJia 4K Laser Projector provides unprecedented picture quality, allowing you to create a home theater on any wall of your home. Hit your imagination with high definition, contrast and picture quality.

Buy Xiaomi TV Laser Projector For Just $1599.99

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi MiJia TV Laser Projector provides for adjusting the size of the image to the size of the wall. Adjust images between 42 and 150 inches and find the best balance for your room. High-quality image creation is made possible by the ALPD laser fluorescence technology. It provides the highest quality image with perfect detail, as well as vibrant contrast, clarity, and color gamut.Mi-Laser-Projector

And the 4000+ technology from the world famous company Light Peak Optical protects eye fatigue. It fits easily into any interior and is combined with other Xiaomi appliances. Compact size, comparable to a small laptop, will allow you to place it even on a small surface.

This is amazing! They are 410 x 291 x 88 mm. For connecting external media, the projector has 3 HDMI ports, a USB interface, a slot for a gaming pad and a networked internet connection. Even headphones and a microphone can be connected to it.

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The Xiaomi MiJia TV Laser Projector is equipped with a 5000-lumen lamp, which creates a projection with a brightness of 15-18 fl, which is quite comparable with a full-fledged cinema. DLP translates any video and photo into digital format, which is displayed on the wall by means of a laser. Using this technology allows you to achieve the best quality. Warranty lamp life is as much as 25000 hours. This is almost 3 years of continuous work day and night.

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The Xiaomi MiJia TV Laser Projector is equipped with four built-in speakers that support audio in Dolby and DTS formats. Two broadband speakers deliver both deep bass and rich midlands. This contributes to the phase inverter tube, increasing the internal sound volume. Two high-frequency twitter loudspeakers give accurate and sonorous “top”. A large number of custom sound settings allow you to achieve the most realistic sound.

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The powerful ventilation system protects both the super-powerful lamp and the processor with electronic components from overheating. Three coolers are used for cooling – one for each module of the system.

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Using the internet connection and the MIUI operating system, it is easy to access your favorite movies and TV shows. This is a universal source of content that everyone can appreciate. In addition, for those already using the Xiaomi AI assistant, XiaoAI, (hence the Chinese), it will be possible to control the projector remotely.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Xiaomi TV Laser Projector For Just $1599.99


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