Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S Launched: In collaboration with Philips

Today, Xiaomi has launched its new Mijia Table Lamp 2S desk lamp for sale. A new model that arrives under the collaboration of the firm with Philips, integrating the latter’s advanced lighting and remote control through the Mi Home application.

The new Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S lamp maintains a design very similar to the previous lamp models that Xiaomi has launched in the last year. A set of minimalist lines that have won him the Design for Asia Gold Awards 2016 and Good Design Award 2017.

Its size is 180x464x436mm, it has a weight of only 1.2Kg and has a fully flexible body. Thanks to this we will be able to orient the source of illumination in an angle superior to 90º. At its base, we find a touch panel from which we can adjust the intensity of your lighting, as well as its warm or cold hue.

New Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S, a Philips desk lamp. Xiaomi Addicted News

Among the great novelties we find the inclusion of the RA90 standard , a complete system capable of achieving a much more uniform and extensive lighting compared to the rest of the company’s lamps. Specifically, Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S  is able to offer a total of 1,100 lumens , a fairly high illumination that progressively fades up to 300 lumens at a distance of 70cm from the central focus and somewhat more than 150 lumens at 100cm distance.

In order to increase its illumination, just above its base we find a small secondary light source . Thanks to it we can maintain an adequate level of light on our work table independently of how we have configured the main light.

As usual in this type of products, the new Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S is fully compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home application . From it, beyond configuring its state or simply activating it, we can automate its operation with the rest of home automation accessories of the brand.

Price and availability

For now this new lamp fruit of the collaboration of Xiaomi and Philips will only be on sale in China, although it is not surprising that we will see it in the coming days in AliExpress or other similar online stores. Its price is only 199 yuan , about 25 euros to change ($ 28).


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