Xiaomi Mijia T300 Sonic Electric Toothbrush now for $24.99

Xiaomi Mijia T300 is the newly-developed rechargeable Electric Toothbrush configured with advanced technical patterns to ensure efficient and powerful teeth cleaning. Further, Xiaomi-owned Mijia has produced the product by embedding high-frequency vibration motor and 25-day long-lasting battery.

The Mijia T300 electric toothbrush is specially designed to impart scientific tooth cleaning algorithms. The device has soft bristles with a 10-degree swing to reach out to the blind zones in the mouth for a perfect cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia T300

Similarly, the brush head is metal-free to avoid oral-hazards and infections. Likewise, the brush head equips a metallic copper sheet, which is comfortable while brushing the teeth.

The Xiaomi Mijia T300 toothbrush can be used in dual-modes. The Standard Mode is to meet the daily cleaning needs, whereas the gum sensitive people and children can use the Soft Mode.

Moreover, the toothbrush works intelligently by giving you the 30s brushing time in each area. Similarly, it shuts down automatically after 2-minute brushing time.

Xiaomi Mijia T300 Features and Specifications

Design and Build

The Mijia T300 sonic rechargeable electric toothbrush adopts a round-shaped design and White-colored ABS material waterproof body. The body splits into two parts – the main body and the brush head. You can change the brush head after a certain time period.

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Xiaomi Mijia T300

The brush head is made of metal-free material and has soft bristles comfortable for the child to adults. Inside, the toothbrush has an 18mm high-frequency acoustic motor.

Physically, the electric toothbrush measures at 10.10×2.11×3.37 cm and weighs only 118g.

Xiaomi Mijia T300 Motor

Internally, the Mijia T300 sonic electric toothbrush equips an 18mm high-frequency vibration motor. Further, it is a suspension acoustic 2 generations magnetic motor to generate 3100 vibrations per minute.

Mi Electric toothbrush 2020

It makes a smaller size with noise reduction and shock absorption for a smooth and careful experience.


On the other hand, the Mijia T300 brush also covers a 700 mAh battery to run the brush for up to 25 days in a single charge. It takes around 4 hours to get the full charge through a Type-C charging port.

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Xiaomi Mijia T300

Scientific Brushing Time Management

Notably, the smart Mijia T300 electric toothbrush provides scientific time management system. It will stop the vibration after 30s use to alert you to change the zone.

Xiaomi Mijia T300

Similarly, the machine will automatically shut down after 2 minutes of brushing.

Xiaomi Mijia T300 Additional Features

Additionally, the toothbrush has an IPX7 waterproof, dual-mode usage, UV sterilization vacuum packing, 10-degree stable swing, and other features.

Xiaomi Mijia T300


The Xiaomi Mijia T300 electric toothbrush is available for $24.99 after a 16% off on Gearbest. Click to buy now:

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