Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine – With dryer function included

Even in the festive hustle, Xiaomi does not stop producing new products. For this new year, the Chinese company offers clean and hot clothes thanks to a washing machine that presented, this has been called Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine and comes with “smart” components and a drying function.

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine – What does it have to offer and what is its price?

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine is equipped with an AC motor that guarantees a stable, efficient washing, as well as energy saving and quiet operation. The maximum speed is up to 1400 rpm, which provides washing and drying for one hour. Xiaomi emphasizes the silent and efficient brushless motor that, in collaboration with the suspension system, will eliminate tremors and vibrations even at the maximum speed of the drum. According to the manufacturer, drying technology with hot air condensation allows the simultaneous processing of several things.

The machine can wash up to 10 kg of clothes simultaneously in standard mode. If the user wishes to use the built-in drying, the weight limit will be reduced to 6 kg. Among other things, users can choose one of the 21 washing programs, you can manage the process from the panel on the device itself or manage it through a mobile application through the smartphone. Constant temperature control will allow clothes to be in order during drying. The class of energy efficiency and wash quality is excellent.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine

The new washing and dryer machine from Xiaomi Mijia can be pre-ordered in China from January 4. The first buyers can get a discount and pay $290 for the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine, the rest must pay around $365. What is not yet reported is about the availability of the device in other markets.


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