XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Microwave Oven now available for $149.99

Every product today is enabled with wifi and you can operate them using the app while sitting away from the product. A part from the vacuum cleaners now Xiaomi is the first brand which has provided the microwave with the wifi control and mobile app. The Chinese giant company has brought up the new product called Xiaomi Mijia Smart Microwave oven. The app controlled oven was launched few days ago and here we have brought you the oven with the best price on Internet.

Let’s dive in to have a look at the features.

Feature & Specification of XIAOMI MIJIA Smart Microwave Oven:

The Xiaomi MIJIA smart microwave comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ 2.4GHz module. This module helps for voice controls even through the smart speakers. The net weight of the microwave is 10.8kg and the frequency is 2450MHz. The product uses 700W Toshiba magnetron and electronic knob for the operation. This has two touch buttons for configuration different operating modes. Also this has many modes of cooking diet food.

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xiaomi mijia smart microwave


If we talk about the design of MIJIA microwave oven, this designed according to today’s need and with stylish look. The microwave makes beautiful to the kitchen and it is very attractive device. Smart microwave comes white in color and on the front side there is two knobs for adjust the time and speed power. The inner walls are made of a special material capable of providing an omni-directional reflection of the microwaves. This is not only for heat also microwave is best for cooking the food. The front transparent door of the Xiaomi Mijai Smart microwave will allow you to see through it. The drawback is that it will not let you see clearly through the glass.

xiaomi mijia smart microwave

This microwave comes with small display on the right side which shows all the relevant information. This shows everything clear and also show the configuration with light.

MIJIA APP control-

The APP control technology is a great thing. You don’t need to go in the kitchen for switch ON/OFF or you can adjust the speed power or other function of the microwave with your smartphone. First you just download the MIJIA APP in your smart phone.


Microwave built with 20L capacity which is best for heating. In this large capacity you can prepare different types of food. The large space gives more comfort to the food during prepare. In this large capacity you can use large equipment for extra food.

Operation modes-

The microwave offers you 26 operation modes which includes fast heating mode, three kinds of defrosting mode, 11 pre-configured recipes, one sterilization mode, and nine user-defined modes. These operation mode makes better and delicious of the food.

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