Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Preview

On the afternoon of December 5, Xiaomi Company officially released the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock, supporting six kinds of unlocking methods, using C-class intelligent lock core configuration, and it can also be linked with Xiaomi smart home devices. It is priced at 1299 yuan (package installation), while the limited time crowdfunding price is 999 yuan.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Unlocking Methods

Before the release of this product, Xiaomi has done some warm-up. It mainly focused on the problem of the door latching in the market that is generally sold at 2000 to 3000 yuan. They have shortcomings related to the fake ferrule, B-class lock core, no smart home linkage, and so on.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

As for the Mijia smart door lock, it adopts an integrated fingerprint recognition design, with an oval groove fingerprint recognition large area, which has a larger area and provides a more comfortable fit on the finger. In other words, the larger area collects more fingerprint identification points. Therefore, it collects more fingerprint information. According to the official introduction, the fingerprint recognition rate is as high as 98.7%. The company also uses the sapphire material as a cover of the fingerprint recognition area. The Mohs hardness is up to 9.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock previewXiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

Xiaomi said that the Mijia smart door lock uses the PB fingerprint recognition algorithm customized by Precise Biometrics from Sweden. As a leading fingerprint algorithm company, its PB algorithm is applied in financial institutions at home and abroad as well as foreign bank cards, using images + Feature point fusion algorithm, with rich false fingerprint library support.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock also exclusively supports Xiaomi smartphone NFC unlocking, using the end-to-end encryption unique key of Xiaomi handsets. It also supports chip-level encryption of Bluetooth unlocking, up to 20-digit virtual password unlocking, and flexible temporary password unlocking. As for the latter, when our friends temporarily visit or a babysitter regularly visits us, this function can be very convenient. In addition, it also supports mechanical key unlocking.

True ferrule C-class smart lock cylinder

According to GA/T 73 “Mechanical anti-theft lock” standard, the lock core is divided into three grades A/B/C. There are not only many B-class lock core smart door locks on the market. Plus, the fake mortise locks are common. After the false ferrule lock destroys the front panel, the structure of the lock body unlocking transmission part is completely exposed to the outside, and only needs to be directly screwed with the screwdriver to unlock. The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock adopts the true ferrule structure design. The clutch is built in the back of the door. Even if the illegal elements destroy the front panel, it still has a complete mechanical lock structure, and it requires a key to be unlocked.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

C-class safety is the best. The GA/T 73 ‘mechanical anti-theft lock’ standard of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (MPS) says that the opening time of the three-level lock core prevention technology is not less than 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes, respectively. In fact, when many thieves see the lock with the C-class lock cylinder, they choose to give up immediately, because the process of unlocking is too long and the possibility of being discovered is greatly increased. Therefore, when selecting the smart door locks, you must select the C-class lock cylinders.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

From a technical point of view, the A-class and B-class lock cylinders have fallen behind a lot, and the fake ferrule design cannot guarantee the safety of the lock body. However, many smart door lock manufacturers lacking technical capabilities still use A-class and B-class lock cylinders and dummy ferrules in their products. In this sense, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock is equipped with a C-class lock cylinder with a true ferrule and is a top-end model.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

From the introduction, it is understood that the lock body is the core component of the door lock. At present, the most commonly used lock body for the smart door lock is the 6068 lock body, wherein “60” refers to the distance from the center point of the lock core hole to the side of the lock body, “68” refers to the distance between the center point of the square rod (linking handle) hole and the center point of the lock cylinder hole. The door lock strip is about 240mm long.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

At the same time, its selling point is the electromagnetic interference protection design. So you should have no fear of all kinds of a small black box. The C-class lock core is also equipped with a key insertion detection sensor to detect foreign object insertion and to provide a real-time alarm. It is equipped with a panel anti-smash detection sensor to detect violent damage and to provide a real-time alarm. It is equipped with a lock tongue sensor monitoring and provides a real-time reminder of door lock switch status. There is also anti-cat eye unlock, anti-child anti-lock, and other protection functions.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

What’s interesting, the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock and door inner handle down pressure detector. Combined with the lock tongue status detection sensor mentioned above, it can judge the user unlocking scene of going home, leaving home or opening the door to meet a courier. When the Bluetooth gateway is connected to the Internet, through various sensors, the user can know the status of the door lock on the Mijia APP. When an abnormal state occurs, the alarm information can be received in time. The protection is more comprehensive, anytime, anywhere.

Smart home linkage

The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock can not only remotely set and view status through Mijia APP but also customize the smart home scene. With the cooperation of many Xiaomi smart devices, it can realize an automatic turn-on of the smart home equipment and pause the camera monitoring. Say, it can turn on the air conditioners and air purifiers, turn off lights at home, resume monitoring, and so on.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock supports user management. It can record information such as the corresponding fingerprint password and other unlocking methods under the established user information. You can also see from the Mijia APP which member enters home.

The door lock can be powered by 8 AA batteries (5th battery), with a standard status of 18 months and a low battery reminder. The door lock is also equipped with a Micro-USB port, which can be powered by the power bank.

About the installation team

The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock users can install it themselves, of course, with the online help of the after-sales service team. It is estimated that the number of service providers before the end of the year will exceed 500, which can form a professional offline service system of over 10,000 people, covering the first-, second-, and third-tier cities. The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock provides 3-year free warranty.


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