Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Offered at $289.99

The smart home security products are too demanded nowadays. But if you want to ‘build’ your own smart home, it’s better to choose products from a single manufacturer. As for us, we are recommending to acquire the Xiaomi smart home equipment because they don’t yield the top brands, they are more affordable, they provide a great performance, etc. Just recently, Xiaomi launched Mijia smart door lock, which is currently available at $289.99. It supports six kinds of unlocking methods, use C-class intelligent lock core configuration, and it can also be linked with Xiaomi smart home devices.

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The first unlocking method used by the Mijia smart door lock is the integrated fingerprint recognition module, which has a fingerprint recognition rate as high as 98.7%. It works with the PB fingerprint recognition algorithm customized by Precise Biometrics from Sweden. As a leading fingerprint algorithm company, its PB algorithm is applied in financial institutions at home and abroad as well as foreign bank cards, using images + Feature point fusion algorithm, with rich false fingerprint library support.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock also exclusively supports Xiaomi smartphone NFC unlocking, using the end-to-end encryption unique key of Xiaomi handsets.

Our protagonist supports chip-level encryption of Bluetooth unlocking, up to 20-digit virtual password unlocking, and flexible temporary password unlocking. The latter is quite convenient when you have to provide a password to your friends or a babysitter.

In addition, it also supports mechanical key unlocking.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

However, the selling point of the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock is the use of a true ferrule C-class smart lock cylinder. It provides the highest security, as the clutch is built in the back of the door. Even if the illegal elements destroy the front panel, it still has a complete mechanical lock structure, and it requires a key to be unlocked. The C-class lock core is also equipped with a key insertion detection sensor to detect foreign object insertion and to provide a real-time alarm. It is equipped with a panel anti-smash detection sensor to detect violent damage and to provide a real-time alarm. It is equipped with a lock tongue sensor monitoring and provides a real-time reminder of door lock switch status. There is also anti-cat eye unlock, anti-child anti-lock, and other protection functions. At the same time, its another selling point is the electromagnetic interference protection design.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock preview

Finally, the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock can realize an automatic turn-on of the smart home equipment and pause the camera monitoring. Say, it can turn on the air conditioners and air purifiers, turn off lights at home, resume monitoring, and so on.


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  1. It would have been good if you had explained what the features were (such as anti-child anti lock, and flexible temporary password).

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