Grab The New Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bulb With Zigbee|APP contro|Voice Control| Brightness Adjustment For Just $11.99

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bulb for Home ( colorable temperature ) is a bulb that can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely. It has built-in Zigbee wireless communication module. After binding the gateway device, it can flexibly realize remote control, time switch, and multi-device control. The small body exudes a lot of energy. E27 interface, high-energy-saving LED bulb, large light-emitting area. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens, etc.

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Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb for Home- WhiteThe Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb has a very simple design which is practical and durable. It is made with Acrylic material which is a very strong light transmission material. It is worth noting that the bulb is very safe to use and same time saves energy9W low consumption, the bulb is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb for Home- White

It fully adopts high-quality light and the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted freely to meet vaity of scenes. This 27000 – 6500K white light with adjustable brightness provides you nothing short of a wonderful lighting experience with its professional optical design protects your eyes.  This is a great home lighting tool and it’s perfect for late night movie lovers who wouldn’t want light interference on the TV as it can be reduced to minimum levels. The Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb keeps the lighting in your room beautiful and bright and creates a feeling as though your room is illuminated by the real sun.

Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb for Home- White

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The Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb can be linked with other devices in the house. With the bulb, you can achieve more intelligent scenes with other Mijia or Aqara smart products. The bulb is also embedded with a motion sensor, which turns the bulb on when someone passes and after a while after the person is gone, the bulb goes off. The bulb can be controlled using a APP which can be downloaded on a smartphone and the bulb can also be controlled using Voice by simply speaking to your smartphone after downloading the APP.

Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb for Home- White

The bulb can also be timed on when to on and off. If you the type that dont like sleeping with the one, you can just simply time the bulb to off the time you using do off the bulb before you sleep and also time it to on when ever you like you light to be on.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb

The Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb is currently avaialbe on Gearbest for just $11.99



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  1. Few questions about the new Xiaomi Mijia ZNLDP12LM Smart Bulb:
    Can it connect with the original Xiaomi Gateway V2 ?
    Does it work with the MI home app?
    Given that this is a zigbee lamp, can it work as a zigbee repaeter in combination with the Original Xiaomi Gateway V2?
    Thanks for the answers !

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