Xiaomi mijia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera Pan-tilt Version Offered For Just $33.02

Days ago, we brought you an article aimed at threshing the entire environment of smart cameras or surveillance, which as we discussed in the previous ” Xiaomi mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera is one of the most demanded products. In this article, we are going to see the Xiaomi mijia Smart 720P, the second motorized camera that was presented and that as we will see today, it presents both lights and shadows.

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This model of camera is called PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) that is, it is able to rotate in the horizontal (Panning), in the vertical (Tilt) and to approach or move away to focus on an object or area (Zoom), this class of cameras is very versatile because it allows us to control a large area with a single camera, reduce blind spots and configure different planes to be monitored depending on our needs.

Lets quickly list its main features to see everything that this camera can give us, which is not little.

  • 2-motor PTZ camera capable of covering 360 ° in the Horizontal and 115 ° in the Vertical plus its two-zoom Digital Zoom
  • Resolution 720P to 15 FPS.
  • Field of Vision (FOV) of 100.2 °.
  • Microphone and speaker for bidirectional connections.
  • Motion detection (at a maximum distance of 9 meters).
  • Configuration of different planes and sensitivity for alarm notification.
  • Night Vision composed of 10 940nm LEDs with a range of 9 meters.

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The Xiaomi mijia Smart 720P camera comes with a power adapter and a fixing bracket by means of 2 lugs to be able to place it on walls and ceiling easily, which also allows us to place the camera in its support and remove it without problem in case we need it.  The camera can be dismounted from its base which would give you lot of play time when placing it, as you can choose a base made by you or integrate it into the home decor. The base is made of plastic and is light and functional, it allows us to place the camera in the orientation that we want of 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees, we can also fix its inclination.

For its fixation to a surface we can choose to use the double-sided adhesive provided or look for other alternatives, the base has a metal plate, so we can fix it to a magnetic base or choose to remove the sticker from the base and make two drills for more permanent and solid fixing to a wall or ceiling. This device is very easy to use, you just need 3 steps to get started. Download the “Mi home App”, power the IP cAMERA,  then open the App and connect to the device. With this, you are ready to go.

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With the Xiaomi mijia Smart 720P WiFi IP camera Pan-tilt version, you can sleep soundly! The built-in 10pcs 940nm IR-cut LEDs and quiet motor enable this surveillance camera capture clear night vision images up to 9 meters distance silently. Besides, the rotatable design of the IP camera makes it capable of monitoring wider range in the horizontal and vertical direction via the APP control. What is more, the concealed TF card slot provides not only a beautiful and integrated appearance but also a convenient storage method for you!

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